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Elusive Fairies Correspond With Curious Child

The fairies who took up residence at the Trusty Diner have been identified following recent correspondence with Reagan Jones. No one has seen them, but Reagan is determined to catch a glimpse after learning their names – Twinkle, Watermelon, Rainbow and Bob! The tiny door to their dwelling is above the planter between the two front doors at the restaurant. Reagan noticed the mailbox in front of their red door and decided to leave a note for the occupants, and they responded the very next morning.
Chef and business owner Lawton Gafford reported the fairies took up residence about a year after he purchased the building. They live rent free and are no trouble at all, but he has never actually met the tenants. He claims that once he ran outside very quickly and noticed the door closing, but did not see any of the fairies.
Gafford maintains the grounds with the help of Deborah Freeman but little is known of the goings-on inside.

The only way to communicate with the fairies who live behind the red door in the Trusty Diner building is through the Fairy Mail Company. The fairies’ tiny mailbox is located in the planter in front of their door. Reagan placed a tiny note in the mailbox, which was answered the next day.
“Reagan, what a lovely name. Our names are Twinkle, Watermelon, Rainbow and Bob! Your friends.” (far right)

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