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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

The first of last week was filled with doctors’ appointments, medical procedures and schedules. On Monday, Jimmie, my secretary, called to find out what was happening with scheduling a date for my surgery. The answer was that they were waiting on a current EKG. Jimmie had called earlier and found that  Dr. Yates had signed and returned the clearance form necessary to get me scheduled.

But we were told that they still did not have a current EKG, so Jimmie asked that they call my cardiologist, Dr. May, to schedule it. Shortly afterwards we were informed that I had an early Tuesday morning appointment to see the doctor and have the EKG. Then on Wednesday I had an afternoon appointment with Dr. Engle, the surgeon.

Even before seeing the surgeon, the date for surgery was set for September 24. As my discussion started with Dr. Engle, I kidded him, “You really know how to mess up a birthday celebration.”

He says, “That’s not really your birthday.”

I assured him it was and stuck up my arm band, which read 9/24/37. He assured me that we could change the date. My was reply was only if he could get me an earlier date – I’m ready to get this over with.  I’m still on for surgery on the 24th. Learned lots about the laparoscopic procedure from his nurse practitioner, who had undergone a partial hysterectomy several years ago.

Mine will be total, but she assured me it was the same procedure and was not bad. Then in Dr. Engle’s office I received even more info from his nurse practitioner, a very knowledgeable and nice young lady. She drew a diagram of the surgery, explaining each part of the procedure and assuring me that I’d be fine. Between these professionals and other friends and family members who have been through this I’ve become more comfortable with what I’m going to go through. Thanks to all of  you for your patience with me, answering all my questions – sharing all that info.

As we were leaving for our appointment with Dr. May, word came that a member of the Cole family had died suddenly during the night. After we returned from getting the EKG Jimmie went to the Cole farm to help with preparations for the funeral, which was held on Thursday. I spent much of the afternoon on Wednesday and most  of Thursday alone.

I had the duty of answering the phone and that’s a time-consuming job on a normal day. Apparently Jimmie and I sound alike on the phone, because each time I had to explain who  I was and then relay the information I had. A few of the calls were from folks I knew and I  got to visit. Niece Joanna drove up and I got up to answer the front door, but she came on to the back door, so I was sure it was family.

No problem recognizing her – she still looks like a teenager, even though she’s 60-plus. Got a longer visit with her on Friday and she admitted that she was not sure it was me as the bald head threw her for a loop. I can understand that because I look in the mirror and don’t recognize that woman staring back.

Saturday was a shower  day, followed by a trip to the grocery store. I’m still not going in during shopping, so I was ready for my parking lot watching. Usually you see some funny, scary, or exciting event. Only thing of interest Saturday was a state trooper parked a few slots down from us. The car was there when we arrived and stayed for a long time.

Kept waiting for the action, but he must have found a friend to visit with because he finally came out and he had only a grocery bag large enough for his lunch. I knew why the customers were spending so little time in the parking lot, though. I usually open my door and turn off the air conditioner. Not Saturday, I had the AC on high and I’m sure everyone else was taking no time to visit outside, the buggy attendants were not wasting time either.

Arriving home, Jimmie had to bring in the food and she needed another shower after that. Got groceries put away and during this I again answered the phone.

First call was Carolyn wanting to know what time we wanted to eat supper. She and Bo had prepared us  chicken enchiladas, and they were delicious. I  am well fed. After our usual evening entertainment of western shows and movies, we checked on the progress of Hurricane Ida.

Sunday morning I heard a sermon from Bro. Gaines, the Bellevue pastor, and one from Rev. Barton, an assistant pastor of Second Presbyterian. After lunch, Bo and Carolyn went home, Bill went to feed the calves, and Jimmie and I watched the conclusion of the BMW Classic Golf Tournament. I was afraid that I was not going to get a column written as the golf game called for an extra six holes for the winner to be decided.

Fortunately the two players who were tied were both Americans, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Cantlay, who were equally matched, even though they played very different styled games. Cantlay was eventually the winner.

Next we, like many of you, watched the progression  of Ida and hoped we would be spared the worst of it. Thankfully it drifted east before it got to our area, but we pray Louisiana will recover soon.

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