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Looking Back

September 1, 2011 – Homecoming came a little early a decade ago as the Blue Devils were bracing for a visit from the Calhoun City Wildcats. The festivities also included a special “Journey Though the Decades” celebration as homecoming queens from previous years would be recognized. The Herald included a list of the queens that dated back to 1946. The ladies included:

2010 – Kreneice Reid, 2009 – Qyleshia Woodard, 2008 – Yosheka Conard, 2007 – Brittany Weekly, 2006 – Whitney Hodge, 2005 – Lauren Burgess, 2004 – Kateshia Daniels, 2003 – Yashica Woodard, 2002 – Lacey Harris, 2001 – Shayla Burgess, 2000 – Christy Morgan, 1999 – Yoshia Rockette, 1998 – Kelley Pullen, 1997 – Demeka Smith, 1996 – Chastity Hollister, 1995 – Delita Hawkins, 1994 – Tammy Burgess, 1993 – Cathey Maynor, 1992 – Kesha Rockette, 1991 – Tywanda Egerson, 1990 – Linda Covington, 1989 – Natasha Hall, 1988 – Tracey Scott, 1987 – Dawn Dickey, 1986 – Tisha Covington, 1985 – Sandy Loper, 1984 – Denese Phillips, 1983 – Kelley Williamson, 1982 – Christy Mayo, 1981 – Missy McKay, 1980 – Louise Benson, 1979 – Dawn Turnage, 1978 – Sherry Warren, 1977 – Karen McMillan, 1976 – Cathy Webb, 1970 – 1975 – No queen or court, 1969 – Carlene Maynor, 1968 – Edwina Langdon, 1967 – Marcia Michelletti, 1966 – Mary Katherine Potts, 1965 – Mary Lou Fortinberry, 1964 – Peggy Morris, 1963 – Nancy Spears, 1962 – Sue Ann Hyde, 1961 – Betty Camp, 1960 – Betty Miller, 1959 – Barbara McCulley, 1958 – Nancy Bennett, 1957 – Mary Lou Mize, 1956 – Margaret Spivey, 1955 – Lila Rusk, 1954 – Mary Helen Hoseney, 1953 – Elsie White, 1952 – Jane Anthony, 1951 – Beth Bell, 1950 – Clara Rose Mays, 1949 – June Roane, 1948 – Betty Jane Henry, 1947 – Mim Carpenter and 1946 – Clara Sue Mitchell.

August 30, 2001 – Hospital Administrator Johnny Hearn and the employees of the Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home paid tribute to Dr. Paul Odom four days after his 67th birthday by naming the hospital conference room “The Paul L. Odom Conference Room.” At that time Dr. Odom had served Water Valley and Yalobusha County since 1974. The conference room was furnished by the Yalobusha (Pink) Ladies Auxiliary and decorated by Human Services Director LuAnn Watts.

Thoughts on the 45th reunion of Water Valley Class of 1956:

On Watermelon Carnival Day

Some drove from far away,

Fifteen of thirty-three

attended that night

A welcomed sight!

A joy to see each face

In an old familiar place,

Turnages, our hangout,

Where we pretended

No time had passed

Since last wearing jeans

Eating ice crime

from the fountain.

Our chaperone, Ludie,

Took on the duty

Of guiding the fun.

Drinking from bottled Cokes

Talking with lots of folks

Hearing corny jokes

Older, settled

Fatter, grayer,

All agreed –

Forty-five years

Have been kind

As memories come to mind.

Then, on a serious note

We took a vote

And remembered still

Lynn Raley and Betty Ann Hill

Deceased classmates

With memorials

August 29, 1991 – Yalobusha County Agent Steven Cummings reported the dry spell was getting serious after heavy rain earlier in the summer.

“There’s still been no rain, except for a couple of sprinkles – at least that lets me know it still knows how to rain,” Cummings shared in his weekly column. Surprisingly the crops were holding up well.

“We’ve gone from floods to drought in a matter of weeks,” he said.

September 3, 1981 – Can you guess what it is – the only living mammal that wears a shell, has a pointy head and is scarce in these parts? At least they were scarce back in 1981 as Col. Lloyd White noted when he bought the critter by the Herald office for a picture. Another clue, it was a road kill. White was headed to his teaching job at Charleston when he saw the dead armadillo in the Long Branch area. The article explained that armadillos are native to the western United States but have been working their way eastward and were becoming more common in the area..

Members of the Water Valley High School Class of 1941 attended their 40th class reunion. The group included Mrs. Cliffie Craven Early, Mrs. Mary K. Holloway, Mrs. Lynrose Early Williamson, Mrs. Majorie Mislead Baddly, Mrs. Janie Lou Young White, Miss Eula Donnell, Mrs. Evelyn Gean Sparks, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Kennedy, Dennis and Mrs. “Ted” McGonagill Rice, Mrs. Martha Lee Parsons Scarborough, Selwin Courtney, Mrs. Dorothy Jane Bennett Henry, Mrs. Jackson French Pierce, Mrs. Jane Davis Phifer, Mrs. Elizabeth Baggily Ward, Mrs. Laura Mae Phillips Kennedy, Mrs. Charlotte Boggs Rea, Howard Williams, Russell Edward Aven, Billy Knox, Bruce Myrick, Billy Frank Mathis, Ray Eubanks, Bill Barrett and Elmo Baggily.

September 2, 1971 – Three Water Valley men were killed instantly when a television antenna they were taking down fell across a 7200-volt electric line. The accident occurred Tuesday morning at a home in the Jumpers Chapel community northeast of Water Valley.

Killed were Julian Alfred Boxx, 69; Gary Leroy Hopkins, 17; and Joe Clinton, 58. All three were employed by Peoples Wholesale Co. and had been sent to the home to pick up used furniture.

Teamwork by the Water Valley Police Department was cited in the apprehension of two men and the recovery of a stolen 1965 Chevrolet car. Policeman “Buck” Hendricks discovered the vehicle Saturday night that had been stolen from Maynor Motors weeks earlier. Hendricks was pictured with the vehicle and members of the department that included Chief James Pearce, Ed Ray Perkins, Ben Appleton, J.D. Watson and Johnnie Mason.

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