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Betty’s Week

Well the Cole farm livened up with the beginning of Spring Break and the return of Caroline. Bill went for her late Friday and on the return trip they met the snow. Only a dusting was predicted, but Jimmie measured the accumulation on the balcony banister late that night and it recorded about three inches. When I got up Saturday morning the hill was covered. However, before sunset the snow was almost gone. It was definitely a come and go snow – -no one even made snow cream or a snowman, but it was pretty.

Sunday we were short a few folks at the dinner table. Bo and Carolyn entertained family in their home, but Rance did get to come over. Was good to catch up on his and Ginny’s lives. We’re hopeful that soon she will be able to join us on Sundays.

Monday was almost a spring day. I got out with only short sleeves and it was enjoyable.  Was preparing for a trip to the doctor’s office. Didn’t see the doctor. However, Nurse Practitioner Anna gave me instructions for the heart scan scheduled for Friday. The staff in this lab was very informative and professional. I was a bit worried about the scheduled test, as I had never before been in this area of the radiation department. Was not bad, with only a couple of short infusions while  sitting in a chair and then three short scans. Most uncomfortable part of the procedure was the table you were on – very hard and also very small. I  wondered how that small thing supported a large person. My heart was fine though and I’m thankful for that news.

Caroline lost her favorite running buddy for the week. Cade and his family spent the time on the Gulf Coast. Sounded like a great vacation but arrival Cade called to report finding an alligator in the back yard and a snake in the pool. That would have ended my trip – I’d have been on the way home. However, Cade is not afraid of anything and apparently neither are his parents and two sisters.

While  Cade was away, Caroline got to be Pa Bill’s number one assistant She drove the side-by-side to bring supplies, helping with the feeding, carrying two five gallon buckets of feed from the barn to the fence, keeping him from having to climb over that fence. She also helped herd the cows and calves from one pasture to another. She and Pa Bill also transferred a bull by trailer from the farm to Uncle William’s pasture. It was the bull she’s not afraid of. Caroline gets up at her usual time on school days, but on off days she’s a late sleeper. After her week on  real farm hours and work, she announced,”I’m not going to be a farmer – I hate getting up early and the work is too hard.”

Sunday, the first day of spring, found most of the Kilgore family and also most of Bill and Jimmie’s family present. Bo, Carolyn, Misty and Briley, Don, Jimmie and I were the Kilgores in attendance, and Bill, Jimmie, William, Michael, Missy and Caroline made up the Cole’s gathering. Was a beautiful spring day for sitting on the carport or playing  in the yard. Missy and Michael  had Caroline gathering up her things for departing for late in the afternoon. She did not want to leave, but knew it was time to return to school on Monday. Her final attempt to remain with us  was trying to buy her freedom with a two dollar bribe. Didn’t work, but she assured us she’d return on Friday. As always, we’re looking forward to that.

Last week I enjoyed a few phone visits,  cards and other communications from Valley friends. Miss all of you.

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