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Tillatoba Baptist Church had 28 children and 20 adults attend the one-day Vacation Bible School Saturday.

Josh Harrison is headed to the State 4-H Shooting Competition on Friday and Saturday in Pearl. Good luck, Josh!

Thirteen friends and family helped Donnie Toole celebrate her 80th birthday Saturday evening, July 9, at Enid Depot. Those in attendance were Gene and Lillian Standridge, Connie Newton Toole, Charles Toole, Katie Toole, Mary Grace Toole, Lee Toole, Lannie and Margaret Wilbourn, Maddie Toole, Gilda Merriman and Louise Arnold.  Amy Smith Toole was sick and unable to attend.

My up-the-road neighbors, Tommy and Debbie McCool, have been busy for the past two weekends. Last weekend they were in Greenville, where they stayed the night and on Sunday they had a small family reunion with Tommy’s sisters and brother, and a few others in Leland at his sister Patsy Welch’s home.

This weekend they had a big cookout at Kimberly and Jason Beavers for Jason’s 42nd birthday. Those attending were his daughters, Hannah and Caitlyn Beavers; his mother, Virginia Beavers; Sandy Beavers and Tray Pegram; Little Gary and Donna Beavers; and Angela and Allison Dukes.

Debbie has been out of sorts with a pinched nerve in her shoulder blade and neck for a couple of weeks. She was talked into going to a chiropractor last week and she goes again this week. She said no relief yet but praying for it though.

Another up-the-road neighbor, Ruth Jane Hailey, is celebrating her birthday. Her husband, Festus, and daughter, Amanda, took her to Country Cat Fish in Oakland Friday night to eat. Ruth Jane said they enjoyed the fish and all the trimmings.

Tillatoba Baptist Church is having a WMU meeting Saturday, July 16 at 10 a.m. in the fellowship hall. Please attend.

Just when I had decided it was time for me to get back in church, here comes Covid again raising its ugly head. I had just gotten comfortable going in stores around a lot of folks with my mask on, but so many had stopped wearing their mask that I would sit in the truck.

Happy birthday to Carrie Kerr Rice on July 11th; to Tammy Beshears and to the Coffeeville Courier; Jackie Bowman celebrates the 13th; Dale Dukes and Stina Taylor share a birthday on the 18th; and Tommy McCool and my sweet granddaughter-in-law, Holly Dukes, share a birthday on the 19th. I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating your birthday.

Thought for the day… It isn’t the people who tell all they know that cause most of the trouble in the world, it’s the ones who tell more.

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