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Gov Set Some Unrealistic ‘Fitness’ Goals

To the Editor,

I am kind of aghast that Governor Reeves’, Tate (R), personal trainer was given welfare money to somehow promote physical fitness. I am reminded of Matthew 7:16 “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

Tate has more chins than a Shanghai phone book. Holy cow, and I mean no disrespect to Yalobusha bovines, but this is like hiring Bill Clinton to promote marital fidelity. The Gov should be promoting the very best barbecue in the world. His trainer should obviously look for another line of work. And our tax dollars, if not spent as intended, sheltering the meek of the earth, then at least funnel it to recess and PE programs throughout the state.
But, I am afraid that the unrealistic fitness goals that the Gov has set for himself have so depleted his usual political mettle that he is missing opportunities that he would otherwise see, as his pal and local welfare recipient, Brett Favre, would describe as wide open and down the middle. $130 million dollars meant for housing the poor could just as easily be diverted to rehab clinics for filthy rich athletes and pro wrestlers in danger of lost their filthy riches if forced to pay for their own rehab. Obviously these monies don’t have to be spent in Mississippi where physical therapists are overwhelmed caring for the injuries of local workers filling their clinics. Malibu, California has shown to be more than willing to take Mississippi welfare funds.
Certainly, at least, some of these monies could be diverted to improve the private road, Mississippi graded, from the Gov’s home to a local gym whose convenience could make up for the less than elite training he had so far counted on from his enriched passionate, personal trainer.
Finally, we can at least send our thoughts and prayers to Governor Reeves to recover and return to the issues we elected him for, which I will look up and get back to you.

Art Boone
Yalobusha County,

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