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Public Hearing On City Budget Set For Sept. 13

WATER VALLEY – A public hearing is scheduled Tuesday, Sept. 13, for the City of Water Valley’s proposed 2022-2023 budget. The hearing was scheduled after a budget work session on August 16 as city officials reviewed revenues and expenditures for the $3.3 million budget. The city’s tax rate will remain the same as the current fiscal year under the proposed budget with a 41.5 ad valorem tax rate.

Water Valley Mayor Donald Gray prefaced the budget discussion with news that the biggest decrease in revenue for the coming fiscal year is a decrease in the amount paid for vehicle tags.

“The legislature decided to reduce ad valorem taxes on vehicle tags throughout the state,” the mayor explained. “Our overall income will suffer from that while expenses are going up. Another thing that really hurt this budget year and this next year is inflation. What we are paying for fuel costs.”

The proposed budget shows leaner expenses to compensate for the decrease in revenue. Gray noted that city employees will not receive a raise in the coming fiscal year and there will be little new equipment purchased.

“Basically we froze all salaries this year in the city. I understand our employees need a raise, but the money is just not there to do it. If things improve, we can always amend the budget during the budget year,” Gray added.

The proposed budget is published on Page 9.

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