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Gas Prices Should Be Below $3.20 Per Gallon

Dear Editor
When I last checked our gas prices were down 12 cents a gallon from when I wrote last week’s Letter to the Editor about exorbitant gas prices in our city. That is good news, but I won’t be satisfied until gas hits $3.20 per gallon in Water Valley.

When I checked Monday morning, gas prices in Batesville were still below $3 per gallon ($2.99). There is no reason our gas prices should be so much higher than most of our neighboring municipalities. As Water Vallians, we should not always time our out-of-town trips to coincide with empty fuel tanks so we can fill up for less money.

In closing, I would like to thank the local businesses for dropping the gas prices a little after last week’s Letter to the Editor. And say please keep dropping the prices.
Fred White

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