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Stealing Hand Over Attorney General Fitch

Dear Editor
Our admitted feminist Attorney General Fitch’s website says:
“….. She acts as counsel to state agencies to defend them or bring suit on their behalf. Most importantly, the Office is charged with the representation of the people of the State of Mississippi.”

So, who is our feminist Attorney General defending first, state employees or the people of Mississippi? Some of the thieves are Mississippians, some are State employees. All of the victims are Mississippians, at least half female. So who does Fitch represent?

AG Fitch, is doing a job God mandated for a man, so she tries to prove her cojones by attacking a few, stray, transgender people. Her confusion is understandable, should she defend those people of Mississippi being robbed blind and homeless, or the government employees , politicians and friends who seem to be stealing hand over Fitch?

Politicians can’t hide up the skirt of a transsexual, or at least as I was raised, they shouldn’t.

Art Boone
Yalobusha County

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