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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Saturday, September 3, was the last day of our Georgia vacation, says Laurie and Phil Cordel. Janeen Anderson, Sandra Craig Anderson’s daughter, hosted a lovely family brunch that morning, and we were so glad to get to see Aunt Sandra Anderson, Aunt Beverly McBride and Uncle Walter, honorary Aunt Hazel, Alicia McBride Tankersley and Tray Tankersley.  We spent the afternoon visiting and playing games with Aunt Gail. Next we headed out again to checkout the nightlife in the Woodstock downtown area, We went to Acworth for dinner at Henry’s Louisiana Grill, where we were greeted by the famous Henry himself.

Laurie and Phil said it was an awesome trip.

Little Alice Donovan, Johnny Tillman’s granddaughter, started her first dance class at Triangle Cultural Center in Yazoo City, recently. Her grandaddy, Johnny, was there to take her to her first dancing lesson. I bet he was grinning all over the place.

JR Dukes says he sure has enjoyed being in Florence. He caught his first small mouth and continued to catch them throughout the day.

Martha Box and her great granddaughter,   Addie,  shopped all day long Saturday.

“What a grown up 11 year-old PRINCESS! Lunch and shopping and then she napped while I had to drive home,” said Martha.

Just wait till she gets her drivers license. She will be driving you all over the place, Martha!

Ginger and Phil Harrison, Melinda and Marnie Box and Martha sat as an audience for Josh Harrison’s speech recorded for school. I know it was a good one!

Happy belated birthday to Cody Deloach on the 4th; to Marilyn Grantham on the 9th; Paul Hill, Tray Pegram, Beth Jackson Tindall and Candy Boyle all share a birthday on the 12th; to my BFF, Susan Traywick Bell, on the 13th; Samantha Anderson also celebrates the 13th; Judy Goodwin Coyle, Eddie Jarrell, Nellie Ward and Margaret Jean Ross celebrate the 14th; and my niece, Laura Hudson Torrence celebrates the 15th. Deloris Scarborough, Kellie Sturdivant Young and sweet Shevy Langham all share the same birthday, Sept. the 16th and Joyce Stevens celebrates the 17th. May you all have a great day celebrating your special day!

Deborah and Tommy McCool had a busy  but great weekend. Their daughter, Angela Dukes, celebrated her birthday the 9th, she is 44 now. Granddaughter Hannah Beavers, turned 16 on Sept. 5, and they had a fish fry birthday party for her last Sunday, Sept. 4th.

Tommy and Deborah took off Monday and Tuesday for their 45th anniversary, which is Sept. 11th. They went to Greenville  Saturday afternoon and stayed two nights, spent time with his sisters in Leland, and went to eat at a place called Grandma’s kitchen outside of Greenville (headed toward) Swiftwater. They reported the meal was sooo good and worth going back to again.

Tommy and Deborah came back Monday  to hang around home and mow and stuff before work on Wednesday. Deborah says she thinks they need a rest from their little short vacation.

Saturday morning, David and your writer motored to Grenada in the misting rain to watch great grandson, Bradley Holliday, play football. Yes, we got plenty wet! Ended up sitting in the truck and watching the game from there. Thanks Francesca for the use of the umbrella.

Congratulations to Peyton McMillian for making the Distance Education Deans List on her outstanding academic recognition, dedication and hard work from Unity College. These honors are awarded twice a year to students who receive a 3.5 or higher while earning four credits in a four-term period.

Martha Box is loving talks with her granddaughter, Marnie Box,  as she picks her up at Kirk. She is also loving Tuesdays with her grandson, Josh, picking and singing at the Square Market in Grenada. Martha is making herself sit down and crochet some scarves for Christmas presents .

Martha also shared that she had a great visit at Willow Springs Sunday. She heard a wonderful talk by Mr. Willis for  Gideon Bibles. Martha said it reminded her of the white one given to her at her nurses’ graduation.  She carried it in her pocket daily, and used it with patients many times.

Faye Hartley and Kristie carried Rowland, Mary Brett and Mclendon Hartley to the Safari Park in Como last Sunday. They had a ball!

Kristie Hartley is making some beautiful flower arrangements. If you need anything made for you, let her know. She has a great talent and aims to please!

Christian love and sympathy to my school mate and friend, Agnes Lane Porfilio in the loss of her husband Dan Porfilio. Dan and Agnes lived in Jacksonville, Florida.

Thought for the day… If a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles.

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