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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

It’s going to be a community cookie decorating party from 1 to 3 p.m. on Dec. 3 at Tillatoba Baptist Church. All ages are invited!

Love and sympathy to the Wanda Fly Burrowes family of Water Valley. Wanda passed away Nov. 16. Services for Wanda were held Saturday at Seven Oaks Funeral Home Water Valley.

Love and sympathy is also extended to the Charles Langham family of Grenada. Charles passed away Nov. 16 at his residence. Charles and his family lived in Tillatoba at one time. He was a great mechanic and when he worked on your vehicle, you knew it was done right. I remember one time I had pulled up to the post office and he walked from across the road where they lived at the time and said, “Girl, your car is making a terrible sound under the hood. Pull it over to the shop and I’ll check it out.” I did and he found the problem right off.

Festus and Ruth Jane Hailey had a doctor appointment at Oxford last Tuesday. Ruth Jane had a CT scan scheduled. Festus saw his heart doctor, who released him for a year. Glad you are doing so well, Festus.

Visiting us Wednesday from Hardy was Bro. Larry Franklin. We always enjoy Larry’s visits so much. He promised to come back and teach me how to make Christmas lollipops for my yard. So after Thanksgiving, y’all check it out! That is if I can make them as pretty as his.

Thursday afternoon I got a much needed phone call and when I say much needed it was because she always builds me up and makes me feel like a million dollars. Sylvia Grant, call me again soon!

Martha Box was feeling good Monday morning. Diane Dukes had given her a picture she had made of Jimmy Dukes, Benny Box and another friend years ago. Jimmy and Benny are deceased now, but they were all “growing-up-together friends” in Greenville. Both couples moved to Tillatoba with their children years ago. Jimmy owned a trucking company and Benny owned the DixieLand CB Shop here in Tillatoba.

Martha said, “Turkey Day already! I told the kids to take charge and cook all they want. And to show up at my place to celebrate!”

Sounds like a winner to me, Martha. I may let that ole turkey fly on by me this year.

I talked to Diane Dukes Friday morning, and she said she was getting ready to cook for 32 family members and friends for Thanksgiving. They are having it at the park.

She has two chocolate cakes,  a big carrot cake, a cheese cake,  walnut coffee cake and all she has left to do now is make two pecan pies and 16 little cups of pecan pies. I was bragging on her for making all of those desserts, but she said she had a little help! I know they will have a feast! Her sister, Ellen Parker from Greenville, is supposed to come spend a few days with her. I know they will have fun!

My “go getta“ cousin, Emily Tillman Donovan from Belzoni, was Rockin and Reelin’ from another fabulous Mississippi Delta event! Raising money for music education is very near and dear to Emily’s heart. Emily said being a part of the Red Carpet Guild is so important to her and to be able to serve as logistics co-chair this year for the gala was an honor.

Emily added, “It’s always nice to see old friends, and everyone was so pretty! Until next year!”

Happy birthday to Keeton Patton on the 20th; Clyde Callahan, Martha Ross Smith and Larry Payne celebrate on the 24th; Marissa Leachman, Lawana Martin and Howard Jackson celebrate on the 26th; my daughter, Donna Sue Garripoli, Tommy Griffis, Eugene Bailey, A.W. Taylor and Billy Chambers celebrate on the 27th; Kathy Hartley, Mason Tillman and Tami Dantzler Lott celebrate on the 28. I pray you all have a great day of celebrating your special day.

Peggy Bailey is still in the nursing home in Grenada and doing a little better after her stroke. She’s hoping to be back home by Christmas. I pray you are too, Peggy.

Prayers for my nephew, Keith Beardain (Bubba), who had a kidney removed Monday morning at Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi in Oxford.

Thought for the day… People who try to whittle you down are only trying to reduce you to their size.

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