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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

What a happy feeling to open my Grenada paper last week and see Faye Hartley was Tillatoba’s “Star Spotlight”  of the week. Faye is the hardest working lady around anywhere. She has been known to hold down three jobs a day, do house work, cook and, in the summer, keep up the yard work. She also makes the best homemade rolls this side of Memphis!

Cheryl Franklin got a great report last Monday and can go back to work in another week! No doctor visit until 20th of next month. Cheryl and Larry live at Hardy and are friends of ours.
On Friday night, Katherine Harris Brewer, Candice Melton Harris and daughter, Keri Harris,  went to their first-ever puzzle competition in Starkville and had so much fun competing with seven other teams to complete a 500 piece puzzle.

Congratulations to these girls for winning  first place! I know that was a fun thing for them to do, and I’m sure they will compete again!

Darlene Moorman said her son, Keith Beck, finally got well enough to go back to work last week. Keith has been sick since Christmas. I know he was a happy camper. I’m glad you are feeling better Keith.

Deborah and Tommy McCool were planning on going to visit their son, Christopher, and family in Senatobia but she has  been hurting since last Wednesday with a pinched nerve in her shoulder.

“It hurts from my shoulder blade all up my neck and it has really been bad this time,” Deborah said. She has been using a heating pad without much luck, so it looks like she will be calling  her doctor.

Jason and Kimberly Beavers are building a nice big shed and helping them work on the new shed is Jason’s  brother, little Gary Beavers, and Kimberly’s daddy, Tommy McCool. Kim is going to use one side for her growing T-shirt business, “Customs By Kim.”

Frank Manzo came home February 3, one month to the day after the wreck he was in. He still has therapy to do, but he is so very thankful of the prayers that were lifted up for him.
Our visitors Sunday were Brad, Frankie and Bradley Holliday and Donna Garripoli of Grenada; and Waylon, Holly and Haven Rose Dukes.

Milton Harper has an appointment with orthopedic doctor Thursday about his rotator cuff. He can barely raise his arm. Milton, that’s no excuse for not washing the dishes for Sadie! I do hope you can get some relief – seems like us old folks hurt all the time.

Martha Box said the freeze we had last week kept her inside piddling. She got out Saturday night for a while and ran into her friends, Raymond and Myra Liberto. She said Raymond ran away from her fast cause he ended up with a severe allergic reaction when they greeted each other the last time.  Martha’s daughter, Candy Box, came over Saturday and they worked on closet. They were cleaning out, I suppose, something I need to do! Sunday she took the day off and had church at home and piddled.

I talked to my sweet friend, Peggy Bailey Monday, by phone and she wasn’t feeling good at all. Her medicine isn’t agreeing with her. Please pray for Peggy.

Lil Logan Rose had his birthday party at Cossar Park on Saturday, Feb 4. A big crowd was enjoyed by the grownups as well as the younger ones!

Happy birthday to Noey Dees and Connie  Simmons on the 8th; Willie Beardain on the 9th; Nikki Newsom and Candice Crawford Wiseman on the 10th; Mike Fox and Jessica Ford on the 11th; Wendy Pettit celebrates the 12th; Robbin Laster Harrington and Billy Nelson on the 13th; Dylan Jeffords the 14th; and sweet Rose Brown on the 15th. May you all have a great day celebrating your special day!

Thought for the day…The greatest possession you have is the 24 hours directly in front of you.

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