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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Tillatoba Baptist Church is hosting a community-wide Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 8, at 10:30 a.m. The egg hunt will be at Hartley’s Farm, located at 1813 County Road 2 in Tillatoba. Lunch and games will be provided. All ages welcome.

Sarah Williams called me Saturday and said that she had gotten a phone call from Ann Butler Hyde of Midland, Texas wanting her to try and get a phone number for her. I finally got the number for Sarah and she was going to call Ann and give it to her. Sarah told me that Ann also wanted to let friends know that her brother, Bill Butler, was buried in Arlington Cemetery in January. The Grady Butler family lived in Oakland at one time and Ann, Lee and Bill went to the Oakland school.

Visiting with Darlene Moorman for three days was her sweet four-year-old great grandson, Elisa Beck of Oxford.
“Time is flying too fast and so are my years,” said Sadie Harper. She will have a ultrasound and CT scan on her leg Wednesday to make sure it’s healing with no complications and no blood clots.

Martha Box had a great visit at Tillatoba Baptist Church Sunday. And I know I was just there Day Before Yesterday, said Martha. Time flies. Love visiting with friends and neighbors while receiving a great spirit-led message about our SAVIOUR JESUS.

She had a week off from picking up Marnie Box, her granddaughter from Kirk Academy. Martha said she rested some and played some.

Martha also reported a wonderful visit from her nieces, Meschell Wortham Cook and Morgan Dukes from Arkansas.

“We laughed, we cried and we ate! Jesse Wortham, Joyce Stevens, Melanie Stevens and Renae Delaney and daughter at my table at the same time! Great memories shared and some made right there,” Martha said.

Sounds like you had a great week, Martha.

Frankie, Brad and Bradley Holliday came one day last week and visited. Frankie wasn’t feeling well so she went home and to bed. Brad and Bradley went to Oxford to buy Bradley a new ball glove.

Diane Dukes and her daughter-in-law, Kathy Dukes, went to Greenville Thursday and spent the day with Barbara Parker, Vicky James, Shelia McNutt, Chelsea Weeks and her two babies. They enjoyed visiting all day, laughing and talking about old times. Time flies when you’re having fun. They headed on back to Tillatoba with a promise of another visit soon.

Dale Dukes’ daughter, Morgan Dukes, of Harrison, Ark. got to visit with her grandmother, Diane Dukes; brother, Junior Dukes; aunt, Terri Pullen; her cousins, Sam, Anna, and Joanna Pullen; and her uncle, Bubba Dukes. Diane loves to have company – so much love and laughter. They got to have supper together. Morgan was back the next day for another short visit and then she returned back home in Arkansas. She was excited about going to Dallas, Texas soon to see her big sister, Madison.

Sunday afternoon I had a pleasant visit with my daughter, Donna Garripoli, of Grenada and Wanda Crawford.
Deborah McCool spent Saturday with her daddy, Ray Bell. Her daughter, Angela Dukes visited also. I know Ray enjoyed the girls being there.

Later Saturday night, Deborah got busy and baked a couple of cakes, mostly cupcakes, and she made three pans of lasagna. She took cupcakes and lasagna to her daughter, Angela, and her bunch; and the same to daughter, Kimberly, and family. She also kept a pan and planned on having it for after church but they decided to go pick up Tommy’s sister, Alice Kellum and go to Greenville. They put fresh flowers on their family’s graves and visited with their sister. They ate supper with Alice and headed on back to Tillatoba afterwards. Deborah said, “It’s been a long day but fun.”
I called Peggy Bailey and talked to her Sunday afternoon and she said Eugene fell Saturday night. He was carried to Oxford by ambulance. Please pray for this family. Eugene used to be the number one coon hunter and trainer, I guess. He told me one time they would climb a tree to get the coon and that he had trained the birds in his yard to come peck on his window to let him know they were out of bird feed.

Dale and Shannon Dukes went to New Orleans for a getaway weekend. It was their anniversary on the 15th.
Ginger Harrison said it’s gonna be quiet with the boys back in school. One is in college and one in high school. She enjoyed them singing in church Sunday morning. She and Phil have two very talented sons, Jake and Josh.
Happy birthday to Daisy Walton Burlison on the 23rd; Janet Baker Buice on the 24th; Joyce Courtney on the 25th; my sweet granddaughter, Frankie Holliday, shares a birthday on the 27th with Pat Craig, Ginger Harrison and Greg Knowles.

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