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Postal Service Celebrates 90 Years In The Valley

City Carrier Cathy Odom travels 27 miles a day on one of two city postal routes. Free home delivery started in Water Valley 90 years ago this month.

Postal Service Celebrates 90 Years In The Valley

By Jack Gurner

Home mail delivery in Water Valley celebrates its 90th birthday this  month. In 1917 it cost just two cents to mail a letter. Beginning on May 14, 2007 it will cost  two cents more when postal rates go from 39 cents to 41 cents.

A newspaper article from the time touted home delivery as being, “of  great benefit to our people bringing their mail to their doors twice daily.” The city had to  build crossings and sidewalks all over town in order for the service to be put into  operation, according to the article.

Things have changed since 1917, says Water Valley Postmaster Sherman  Hillhouse. Today there are two city routes, five rural routes and 584 post office boxes  with almost 4000 possible deliveries every day. Each week approximately 71,000 pieces of  mail pass through the local office.

Hillhouse says that the Water Valley Post Office employs 16 people and  serves parts of four counties; Yalobusha, Calhoun, Panola and Lafayette.

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