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Letters to the Editor

DES Is In The Bottom 50 Percent Of Schools In The State

Dear Editor, What do school rankings really mean?   What is a D rating? “Reading, Mathematics, and Science proficiency rates are below the state median for the given year. Reading or mathematics growth in the all students group is below the state median for the given year.” This is according to a publication from the…

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Bypass Signs Create Confusion At Intersection

Dear Editor, I have recently observed several near misses at the intersection of Wise St, with Miss No. 7, and Miss 315.  Vehicles crossing No. 7 appear not to yield  the right of way after stopping due to the sign which states “cross traffic does not stop.” I have been told that sign indicates “cross…

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One Would Expect More Interest In November’s Election

Dear Editor, Fourteen weeks from this past Tuesday we will elect a president to  lead us the next four years and a congressman to serve the next two years. With U.S. senators serving six year terms, Mississippi also has a senate term expiring this year. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed to serve when the late…

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Main Street Cans Are Not Emptied Regularly

Dear Editor, I have two questions for our Board of Aldermen.  First question:  Is there an ordinance stating city workers will empty the garbage cans on Main Street only “in anticipation” of them stinking?  As is clearly evident during my walks, the cans are NOT being emptied on a regular basis.   The second question: …

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Motorists Need To Review Driver’s Manual For Crosswalk Rules

Dear Editor, During my morning walk, two cars traveling north on Main Street blew past me while I was in the middle of the MARKED crosswalk in front of Turnage Drugs. We pedestrians in Water Valley understand that crossing any street in town – but Main Street in particular – is a dangerous business. This…

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Where Aldermen Sit During Board Meetings Is Not Important

Dear Editor, During the April 3rd Board of Aldermen meeting, the agenda consisted of 21 items.  Even with that number of items, one of our alderman decided to spend time arguing about who should sit where around the table.  If I understood correctly, this person (who recently accused several of his peers of wasting time…

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