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Nothing New To See Here – Stealing From The Poor And Giving It To The Rich

Dear Editor,

OK, I am confused, nothing new there. I do understand Mississippi taking money from poor children and giving it to hall of fame football players and junkie pro wrestlers. There are fewer of these folks than poor children. So, more bang for the buck.

I can understand why politicians, a thoughtful and earnest lot, would presume to intercede between doctors and patients. I mean, those exam rooms are awfully private. No telling what they are talking about, maybe Mississippi politicians.

But, I am told our State Attorney General is advocating feminism and denouncing Patriarchy, (we’re talking Prophet Abraham here vs Gloria Steinem) while dyeing her hair like a Roman prostitute.  I an confused.

We were assured of her devotion to President Trump and the Americans he would protect. So, okay on the money for millionaire quarterbacks and  reality tv stars  and  bringing all those overeducated medical doctors to heel,  but the Patriarchy has done nothing to her.   Except, maybe, demand that she give up these un-holy pursuits of a man’s job and get back to the kitchen and make us some pancakes.

Art Boone

Yalobusha County, MS

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