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Dog Owners On CR 224 Are Optimistic That The Issue Is Being Resolved

Dear Editor,

Just an update and a few comments  on the dog saga in our neighborhood on County Road 224.

Our contractors have completed the addition to the dog enclosure. As of Monday morning 10 dogs are inside the fence and three are in the house. One of the dogs inside is the smallest of the 11 labeled vicious and she is a digger, a real little escape artist.

When she gets under the fence, she comes in the house thru the doggie door on the back porch. My concern is that if she is left in the pen and keep digging, the other dogs will enlarge her hole and escape. As an extra layer of protection, there is chicken wire all around the interior perimeter, which so far has deterred the bigger dogs. We immediately repair these breaches (which usually occurs in the middle of the night.)

Also I would like to tell my neighbors that Phyllis and I regret the loss of Lennon and we are optimistic the situation is being resolved. They are welcome to come and see what we are doing or call us any time.

Last we would like to appeal to the public for any input – from keeping dogs in a pen to the county’s vicious dog ordinance.


Sam Goodwin

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