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Voters Will Receive Notices

Election time is only a few months away, and county election officials have been busy preparing for the August 7 Primary Election.

Voters Will Receive Notices Identifying Where To Vote

By David Howell

    Yalobusha County voters should be receiving notices in the next few weeks from Election Commissioners and Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney instructing the proper place to vote.

    “Ninety percent of the voters will be voting where they have been all along,” Election Commissioner Bob Chandler explained.

    However, since the implementation of the Statewide Election Management System (SEMS), each voter must be entered into SEMS at their current address and vote accordingly. This means that people in the county who may have moved and did not notify election officials should be registered at their current address.

    “The SEMS system is much more accurate,” Burney explained. The SEMS database was implemented by the Mississippi Secretary of State.

    “In previous elections, we had a man and wife under the same roof voting for two different judges,” Burney continued.

    The statewide database is part of the federally mandated 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Other changes Yalobusha voters will notice since the last election for county officials four years ago, is that voters will place their paper ballots into a precinct scanner which automatically counts the vote.

    “We have been updating addresses for two years,” Burney said, the same time period as the implementation of the SEMS system. “We feel like our polls books will be very accurate.”

    Chandler also said that a push for voter registration is underway. The last day for a person to register to vote in the August 7 primary election will be July 7.

    “One thing people may not know is that if they are disabled, or over 65, they can be excused from jury duty,” Chandler said.

    In other election news, two candidates have withdrawn their candidacy.

    Beat Three candidate, Dede White will not run according to Chandler. He had moved out of Beat Three. This leaves four candidates, incumbent M.H. Butch Surrette, Lee McMinn, “Wobble” McCullough, and Keith Miller.

    Also Tabitha Jackson withdrew her name from the race for Coroner. This leaves deputy coroner Ronnie Stark and Bruce Short in the race for coroner. Short is also running for sheriff.


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