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Letters to the Editor

Legalizing Beer Is A Matter Of Choice

Dear Editor:

  I would like to address the current beer issue. I do not drink beer. I do not like beer and I do not like to be around people who consume too much beer, or any alcohol for that matter. I do, however, support the beer issue, not because of the product, but because it represents a matter of choice.

    It’s bad enough that I share the streets and highways with pick-up trucks, often loaded with people, and school buses with thirty plus children who are not secured in their seats, but because I drive a car I am required by law to lock myself in my seat or risk getting a ticket.

    I cannot see why anyone would not want to help the county in which they reside by voting on any and all issues that would add to the revenue. If I thought the referendum would bring beer into a clean, alcohol-free county I would stand firm against any cause allowing this to happen, but wake up people…beer is here…it’s been here for many years and it will continue to be here.

    The only difference is that our surrounding counties are reaping the benefits of the profits they acquire from our citizens, who are forced to break the law by bringing it into their own homes.

  My purpose is not to offend anyone, but to express a view that many others may have as well, a matter of choice.


    /s/Jackie Pat Charles

  72 Tammy Lane

  Water Valley, MS 38965


Keep Harmony During Beer Petition Drive

Dear Editor,

  As a transfer to Water Valley, I have had the privilege of looking in from an outsider’s prospective. However, being here almost 10 years, working shoulder to shoulder with Water Vallians, worshipping with you, laughing with you, crying with you, and playing together, I think I know the heart beat of this community and the wonderful people who live here.

  As battle lines are being drawn over the beer referendum, please let us keep our emotions in check and our concerns for our fellow man above our own. I have personal concerns and convictions on this issue to which I am entitled. I do not believe that we will gain significant revenue from beer sales as others may believe.

    Water Valley is a progressive town, and I believe because those who hold to the conviction that Water Valley would be better off without passing this referendum, should not be labeled as non-progressive. All you have to do is drive down Main Street and look at the park and the beautiful flowers the garden clubs have provided.

    Drive downtown and look at the bandstand and to the other end of town to see the state of the art baseball field. That’s being progressive. Look at our wonderful town and the good citizens of it. These are people who take pride in their county and each other. So let’s be honest with ourselves and with each other. Jesus said that others would know that you are His disciples by the love that you have one for another.

  Thank you for allowing my family and I to be a part of your town and county. Let us continue to work together to make this the place that it should be. Regardless of what side you are on, respect and love your neighbor as yourself.

  /s/Raymond D. Aven


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