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New City Hall In Works For Water Valley 50 Years Ago

Homecoming activities for Water Valley High School last weekend bring back memories of the past. Christy Mayo (left photo) was selected 1982 Homecoming Queen 25 years ago. Future husband Jeff Mills escorted her. Go back 50 years and the title was Blue Devil Football Queen and in 1957 Mary Lou Mize was given that honor. She was escorted by David Green, captain of the football team and president of the senior class.

New City Hall In Works For Water Valley 50 Years Ago

    This article appeared 50 years ago in the Herald on October 17, 1957.

    The Mayor and Board of Aldermen at a recessed meeting Monday afternoon set Tuesday, Nov. 12, as date for a city election to decide whether the city will issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $100,000 for construction of a new city hall, a municipal swimming pool, and other improvements.

    Several weeks ago, the City Board was petitioned by a majority of the qualified citizens of the city to build a swimming pool, by the issuance of bonds for construction cost, if necessary.

    In the meantime, the administration had been considering the building of a new city hall, to provide more space for city employees and for the transaction of city business.

    The vote on the resolution for the bond issue was unanimous.

    The building at present used for the city hall is the building formerly occupied by the Peoples bank prior to its liquidation. In addition to being a meeting place for the Board of Aldermen, it also has the office of the Mayor, and space for the bookkeeper of the city electric department.

    At the meeting Monday, the Board also ordered parking meters to be used in the business section of the city.

    The Board also fixed the tax levy for the year 1957, the same levy being continued as during the past year.

    The levy includes 8 mills for general expenses; 7 mills for street maintenance; 19 mills for bond sinking fund (including 4 mills for the retirement of industrial bonds); and 5 mills for school bond sinking fund – a total of 39 mills. The 5 mill school bond sinking fund levy is on all property in the former Water Valley Separate School District.

    It is said by the city administration that no additional tax levy will be required for the payment of bonds to be voted on November 12, should the people vote favorably, as the present bond sinking fund is believed to be sufficient to retire the additional bonds.

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