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Main Street Events A Christmas Tradition

Old St. Nick is just barely visible just above the center of this photo. Water Valley area youngsters – and the young at heart – have him and his four reindeer surrounded. No word on the location of the other four reindeer.

By Jack Gurner

The Christmas Parade scheduled for this weekend is a tradition that goes back almost 60 years. In early December of 1953, this story about a visit from Santa and four of his reindeer appeared in the Herald.

Santa Claus To Lead Christmas Parade Wednesday

“The moon rides high on the new fallen snow,

To lend an air of Christmas to the scene below.

When out of nowhere, who should appear,

But Santa, his sleigh, and four reindeer.

With a quick, sure movement the little man in red,

Pulled gently on their reins, then gave them their head.

It’s Donder and Blitzen with Santa at the sleigh,

And Dancer and Prancer looking your way.

The reindeer pranced, then shuffled and shied,

“Look! It’s old Santa Claus,” the children all cried,

Their eyes blazed with excitement . . . they shouted in glee,

Then moved in closer the better to see.”

The scene so vividly brought out in this Christmas rhyme will come to reality in Water Valley at 5 o’clock on the night of December 16. For on that night Santa Claus and his four live reindeer will lead the parade through the town to bring the spirit of the season nearer to children and adults.

There definitely is a Santa Claus. This has been borne out through the passing years by newspapers and by word of mouth.

Many people are expected to be present in Water Valley to view the parade, and enjoy the program following, it was asserted by the Water Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce, local sponsor of the affair. Old Saint Nick will pull the reins over his chargers as they prance down the street, resplendent in their bright red harness with shiny, brass nameplates.

The program following the parade will be at the bandstand on Main Street, and will begin at 5:30 and last until 7 o’clock. Beginning at 7:30 o’clock, a Community Prayer Meeting will be held at the bandstand. At 8:15 o’clock Christmas Carols will be sung at the bandstand by the choir of Davidson High School.

Cooperating with the Jayees in presenting the program are the Water Valley Garden Club and the Jaycettes.

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