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Christmas Cheer From Half A Century Past

Fifty years ago – in 1957 – Edward B. Shearer wrote in his Shearings column:

Christmas decorations on Main Street and around the City Park are almost finished, and work completed to date indicates that Water Valley will this year again be among the best-decorated cities in the state.

In our opinion, the decorations add much to the season which is one of joy and happiness to many people. The cheeriness of the lights and the warmth of greetings given in passing by hurrying friends enlivens the spirits and chases away dark thoughts. It renews the feeling that all will be well, for it is Christmastime again.

What would Christmas be without some letters to Santa. Here are some gems from the past. Starting with 1957:

Dear Santa Clause,

I have tried to be a good girl and I want you to bring me a “Miss Opera” doll, some clothes for her, doll buggy, and games. Don’t forget my teacher, Mrs. McCarley and Mrs. Cowan, also my Mother, Daddy, Mama, Papa, and Mother Green.

Linda Carol Winters

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I am seven years old and in the second grade at Camp Ground. Please bring me an air rifle, a play ranch, a steam shovel and a bicycle light.

Jimmy Murphrey

Dear Santa,

I can hardly wait until Christmas, so you will come to see me. I want a Revlon doll with lots of clothes, a trunk for my doll’s clothes, a cosmetic kit, a Doctor’s table, a diaper bag and some doll furniture for my doll house. I have been pretty good this year and I help my Mother a lot. I have a little brother this year and I want you to bring him something. He is real sweet and his name is Al. He wants a ball, a rubber doll and some rubber blocks. Please remember to go see all my cousins. They are Connie, Joy Anne, Reed, Nita, Theresia, Mitch and Keith.

I was proud of the letter you sent me the other day. I’ll be looking for you.

Lou Ann Reed

Dear Santa,

I am a little boy 7-years-old and I am in the second grade. I have been very good. Will you please bring me one gun and holster, the Range Rider style; cowboy moccasins and a hat and a little police car. Also fireworks, nuts and fruit.

Larry Dean Hardy

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a basketball and goal, tool box, Army fort, and automatic record player. Bring to 311 Wood Street.

Andy Jones

Dear Santa Clause

I want a tear doll and I want candy, nuts, apples, oranges, dresses, gum and sparklers.

Annie Maude Edwards

Dear Santa,

Please bring me an army truck and a cowboy suit and please bring some army men and anti-aircraft jeep and I want a Jr. Varsity football and a swept wing jet.

Morris Clifton Surrette

Dear Santa,

I am a little boy three-years-old and this is my first time to write you. I really have tried to be good. I would like very much to have a tractor and trailer, also lots of candy, fruit and nuts.


Buddy Edwards

Dear Santa,

I would like a doll with a lots of clothes, also a dolly’s laundry closet and linen closet. I also would like a tea set, puzzles, Micky Mouse Club Mouse, Erasable Pictures. I have been a good girl. I am six years old.

Patsy Cooper

I want a pistol and holster set, a doctor’s kit, and a record. Please bring my little brother, Jim, a teddy bear. I wish you a happy Christmas. My mother and daddy say I have been a pretty good boy.


Van Hedges

Dear Santa,

I am seven years old. Please bring me a fairy queen doll, a cash register and a cosmetic kit. Please bring Karen Ann, Robin Lynn, and Candy Joy something nice.


Nancy Jo Rotenberry

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