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Hope Is The Same For 1958 or 2008

The end of 1957 was the beginning of the space age. The Russians had just launched Sputnik and everyone was looking toward the heavens and the future. This cartoon is from the Dec. 26, 1957 issue of the Herald.

This editorial appear 50 years ago in the Dec. 26, 1957 issue of the Herald.

Looking Into The New Year

Probably there are few of us who, at various times, do not attempt to look into the future. This is particularly true at New Year, and as 1958 dawns, we find ourselves doing just that.

We know from conversations we have had with a number of business men of Water Valley that they, too, are trying to “guess” what 1958 will bring.

Many of them are not as optimistic as they have been in years past. We believe the situation of agriculture in our locality has quite a bit to do with the attitude we find prevalent.

We realize all along that we are inclined to look toward the future with optimism, and that is our present attitude.

Admittedly, the situation of most of those who are engaged in agriculture is not as good as it has been. But one thing many of us fail to consider is that few agricultural families are entirely dependent on agriculture as they were a few years ago.

Many families have one or more of their members working at off-the-farm jobs, and bringing in money to supplement the farm income.

Dairying is having a re-birth in Yalobusha County, and those who have returned to dairying or are milking cows for the first time are pleased with this supplement.

Beef cattle production goes along, despite inclement weather.

The same is true of poultry production. At the present time the poultry market is depressed.

The poultry processing plant to be located in Water Valley will give additional local employment and at the same time will provide a home market for broilers. The project has not advanced to the point where beginning of the building can be anticipated, but all who have been working on the project are hopeful that the plant can be built and operations begun by the first of July.

Several years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” Although he was adept at making neat phrases, there is a good bit to think about in that statement. We can be so afraid of the future, that we might as well leave our doors closed.

Business will continue through 1958. The farmers will again plant and cultivate their crops. 1958, just as every New Year, holds out the hope that conditions will be better than the year preceding.

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