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February 19 Set As Date For Recessed Supervisor Meeting

    The Board of Supervisors have scheduled a recessed meeting on Tuesday, February 19, at 9 a.m. at the third floor board room of the Water Valley Courthouse.

    The meeting was scheduled to discuss a potential interlocal agreement between Yalobusha and Panola County regarding drug interdiction on I-55. Sheriff Lance Humphreys presented the agreement to supervisors during the February 7 recessed meeting.

    Humphreys explained that neighboring Panola County had effectively been making drug stops on the I-55 corridor that extends through Panola. In the agreement, Panola manpower would be used and if a drug stop is made in Yalobusha in which assets are seized the county would receive 40 percent of the property or money.

    “I will not cost us anything,” Humphreys told supervisors. “Our deputies would not be tied up since we are using Panola County manpower,” the sheriff added.

    Panola Sheriff Hugh “Shot” Bright implemented the program in Panola in late 2007 and had already seized approximately $135,000 in cash and several vehicles.

    Tate County has executed a similar agreement, Humphreys also told supervisors.

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