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Playing T-Ball Means Everybody Is A Winner

Collin Sharp, Jordan Varner, and Logan McAlester worked together to field the ball.

Dalton Higdon shows his batting form while keeping an eye on the photographer.

Julianna Ingram shows her batting form, too. Her stance includes proper placement of the tongue.

I’m not sure if coaches do this in the major leagues, but sometimes a fella needs his shoe tied. That’s Collin and Jill Sharp.

Kierra Hardiman got a hit and is heading for first.

Larkin Gardiner is about to put the hurt on that ball.

You are supposed to get to first just as fast as you can and jump on it to get the runner out. Of course, it is more effective if you have the ball. Here Zack Martin leaps on the base while Austin runs up with the ball. In the background is Caleb Moffett.

Macie Gordon is fielding a just hit ball and is looking for the runner.

Caleb Moffett seems to be taken with the cute little red-headed base runner, Julianna Ingram.

Hayden Yeager made it safe to third with Marley Cook right on his heels.

Valley Tool took on State Farm this past weekend at the Crawford Sports Complex and the six-year-olds showed their stuff. If baseball is the all-American sport, then T-ball is all-American fun. The kids were having a great time as were the adults watching the game.

The Herald thanks Jill Sharp and Margaret Higdon for helping to identify the kids. All the photos (more than 350) will be put on the Herald Gallery at

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