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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Watermelon Carnival weekend is always a very exciting time. It’s also usually a very uncomfortable event—we tolerate the bad to enjoy the good.

  Thursday night’s Musical Festival, though, was very comfortable—held in the air conditioned Civic Auditorium.  Sponsored by Town and Country Garden Club, this is always enjoyable. This year’s program though, I think was the best ever.  Keith did a great job as MC, but we did miss his usual counterpart, Pat Ray. The Sharecroppers, who provided the opening music, were tremendous. This was followed by a slate of talent that is unbelievable for such a small city.

  Al and Betty had invited me to accompany them and I was glad to be in their company when we exited the building. Seems that we had enjoyed the program while a storm was raging outside and even though the worst had passed, it still was scary. I went home with the Davises and stayed until the weather calmed.

  All weekend it was great to see so many friends returning to the Valley for class and family reunions, or just to visit.

  Thursday night, sitting in front of us was Danny Harris, home from West Point for a two weeks visit with parents, family and friends, and his friend, Sarah, from Mississippi College. I love the Harris twins and also their older brother, Ashley—through the years they have been some of my favorite youngsters. Their parents, Cheryl and Wayne, were favorite of ours in their generation.

  Friday afternoon Jimmie came over to take in the Carnival, but prior to that she visited Michael Redwine’s Hair Salon to get beautified. He did a great job with her hair, making the pretty Kilgore girl even more beautiful. If I had enough hair he might have helped my looks for a few minutes. I didn’t even let him try, because I knew five minutes in that heat and humidity and his efforts would have all been down the drain. I washed my hair morning and night for three days (in the shower) and dozens of times in between with sweat. I’ve never been so hot in my life.

  Jimmie and I spent a couple of hours in the Park, then went to my house. She went on home—she’d had all the fun she could stand—I showered and then went back to join the Davis Family and listen to Braden Gray and Loose Gravel. Didn’t get to visit with Ann and Gary, even though I’m sure they were here—Couldn’t find them in the mob.

  Usually Friday nights in the park are comfortable—not this year. I was hotter from eight to ten that night than I was during any part of the day Saturday.

  Got up early Saturday morning, watched the run/walk begin, then stopped by the Farmer’s Market. Here my lone purchase was Carlene Herring’s fried pies—delicious. Then it was on to the Lion’s pancake breakfast. They had a tremendous crowd, with all tables taken. I was invited to take the remaining seat at a table occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Patton, Elnor Raley and Dessie Caulfield. Enjoyed visiting with these, along with Dessie’ granddaughter, Bethany, who came by later.

  Also got in a visit with D. C. Morgan of Schertz, Texas, a regular Carnival visitor. Also stopping by the table was Charles Mayes, whom I’d not seen in several years—he looks great. Told him he looks younger now than he did in high school—years have been good to this kid. Charles is a Baptist Minister in North Little Rock. It was also great to see Bill Gafford of Cypress, Texas. Missed seeing all of their wives.

  After stuffing on pancakes and sausage, I wandered over to the antique auto show at Odie Shuffield’s. All the cars, trucks and motors were beautiful and interesting. However the most impressive was the late Sonny Redwine’s Thunderbird, now owned by his sister, Lettie Lee, that has just been restored. I visited with Lettie’s son, Wes, who was showing the car. Shown with the car was the original sales slip. Wes says, “Don’t you wish we could buy any car for that price today?” “Oh, sure would and I’d certainly like to have a car like that for the original price.” Those of us who knew Sonny were especially touched by this exhibit—it was almost like a memorial service. For you new comers, Sonny was killed in the service of his country, shortly after the purchase of this automobile.

  Thanks for sharing this with us Lettie, and thank you Wes for your great commentary and visit.

  Spent some time in Cousin Betty Holland’s booth Saturday afternoon. With her was Son Curtis and his friend from Florida. Curtis, who is just nine years younger than me, was my first baby. I was his babysitter the first summer of his life and he was such a cute little boy. Now he’s a handsome old man. Did enjoy visiting with him and Bet.

  Had to leave the Carnival before it shut down in order to get over to Batesville for the birthday celebration of Brother Rance. It was his 65th (dubbed by Brother Bo Medicare Birthday) and Brother Don and his wife, Gina, had prepared a great barbecue dinner. We had ribs, quail, baked beans, coleslaw and peach cobbler for dessert. It was delicious and I ate way to much.

  After visiting for a time we heard the weather had turned nasty in the direction of Oxford and WV. Rance and Ginny went on to Oxford, reported back that they had some heavy rain, hail and wind.–––

  School is beginning. Sammie Cobern was just in and she was smiling, so I’m sure all is going well with the teachers on that front. Students come in Thursday and I’m sure they’ll also be fine—except for the heat.

  We have our big family birthday coming up Saturday—Mom’s 94th. We’re not cooking as much food this year and we plan to stay inside where it’s airconditioned. It’s going to be a good day.

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