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911 Address Sign Could Mean Difference In Life Or Death

Illegible 911 numbers need to be replaced. – Photo by Jack Gurner

By Jack Gurner

COFFEEVILLE – In the ten years since the 911 emergency number system started in Yalobusha County, most residents have posted their address on their homes and businesses. However, there are still a few who have not complied.

“We tell people when we give them their address that it’s the law, said Frank Hyde, 911 Coordinator. “You have seven days after being issued a number to your residence to install it.”

Although there is a fine, Hyde said that it is more important that people understand that it is for their benefit so that emergency responders can locate them.

“If you need help, you need to be able to be found,” he stressed. ” If you have that number posted, we are going to know right where to come.”

Hyde said that numbers can be purchased at building supply and hardware stores and need to be a minimum of three inches high. And, they need to be posted where they can be seen.

“The best thing is to post them on the structure if you can see it from the road. If not, post it at the driveway, he added.

In areas where there are multiple homes located off the main road on a private driveway, Hyde recommended that the numbers be posted at the entrance. But, he emphasized that each individual structure also needs to have a number posted.

Because ten years have passed, a lot of the original numbers have become weather-beaten or grass and weeds have grown up around them. Hyde recommended checking numbers to make sure they are still visible.

“We had a fire in Coffeeville where we couldn’t see the number,” he said. “A lot of people have done the right thing, but they need to check their numbers to make sure they are still readable.”

If you live in the county and don’t know your address, you can call the 911 office in Coffeeville at (662) 675-2556, Hyde said. Those living within the city limits of Water Valley, Coffeeville, or Oakland, should call their city hall.

Hyde said that the system is for the benefit of county residents when there is an emergency situation. “There could be a life saved.”

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