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Humphreys Hired For ‘Three-Hat’ Position

Longtime commercial contractor Billy Humphreys has been tapped by city officials as the new building inspector. Photo by Jack Gurner

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Billy Humphreys is the city’s new Zoning and Floodplain Administrator/Building Inspector. The Board of Aldermen hired Humphreys for the part-time, “three-hat” position Sept. 9.

The 61-year-old contractor has been in the construction business for almost 40 years and has been partners in M&H Builders since 1984.

Among his duties will be inspection of construction and demolition projects; interpretation and enforcement of the zoning and development ordinance; reviewing plans for industrial, residential and commercial building construction; and administration of the flood damage prevention ordinance.

He will also act as liaison between city officials and the Planning Commission in matters relating to zoning, floodplain management and building inspections.

Humphreys is currently chairman of the Planning Commission, a position he will be allowed to keep since there is no conflict of interest, according to city officials. He will not be allowed to act on projects with which he or is company is involved.

In the past inspections have been handled by various city department heads. Now, one person will handle all the inspections and permit reviews.

Humphreys praised the work of those who came before him and said that the job is to insure that the citizens are protected. “I want to make sure they get a good job for what they are paying.”

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