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Gail Caldwell

Caldwell Named Dist. Teacher Of The Year

  Gail Caldwell has been named “Teacher of the Year” for the Lafayette School District for the 2008-09 Session. Caldwell stated, “It was an honor to be chosen as the high school teacher of the year, but to be chosen as district teacher was a total surprise.”

  Caldwell has taught 16 years in the Lafayette County School System. Prior to this she worked in the business sector. From 1993 to the present she has been a Special Education Department Resource Teacher. Caldwell has been the Special Education Department Chair from 1998 to the present.

  She has earned National Board Certification—Exception Needs and has nine hours bebyond her Masters in Special Education. Caldwell holds memberships in the MS Association of Educators, National Association of Educators and Council of Exception Children. Caldwell was named Empire Who’s Who of Women in Education in August 2006, was selected Area Wal-Mart Teacher of the year in May 2004 and was a recipient of a Bell South Grant in August 2001.

  A daughter of Quay and James Hudson, Caldwell’s husband is Jamie Caldwell and they are the parents of two children, Jim and Christy. They are all  residents of the Water Valley area.


Teen Talk

Hello, my name is Jazzlynn Hickman. I am the daughter of Jacquelyn Hickman-Hill and Martye Hickman, Sr. I am a Senior at Water Valley High School. I am 17 years old and would like to try something new for our newspaper.

    I am an intern who is very interested in journalism. I enjoy photography and would like to turn my interest into a career. I participate in the yearbook staff at Water Valley High School and am also in the band.

    Each week I will have a feature in the paper to appeal to the eye of my generation and what goes on in school.

By Jazzlynn Hickman

Every year the school schedules time for students to give blood. In order for people to donate, they have to meet  guidelines allowing the blood to be used however it is needed.

Giving blood is a very  thoughtful and helpful thing to do. Every student and adult that gave a quart of blood is saving a person’s life a day. My mother, Jacquelyn Hickman, was in a situation recently when she needed blood. She was down to two pints, which is very low on the scale the blood level  is suppose to be.

I encourage everyone, young or old, to give blood because you never know who you would help. I am glad my mother made it through that situation. If it wasn’t for someone else that gave before, she probably wouldn’t be here today. She has O-negative blood, which is very rare, unlike other types including A, B and AB. People with O-negative can’t receive any other type blood.

Think of donating blood similar to giving to the pantry. The food pantry has to stay stocked for people who need it – and the blood bank should be the same. 

Also remember eating green vegetables and dark meat will keep your blood flowing properly which is especially important  if you decide to think about others that need blood for an illness, accident, or anything else.

Donating blood is very important – you never know if  a relative could be in a medical situation like I experienced.

(Editor’s Note: Hickman is a senior at Water Valley High School and writes regular columns about school activities.)


Water Valley School District Announces March Attendance Incentive

  Attendance in school is one of the primary predictors of success in school. Students who are not in school miss valuable instruction and this often results in poor marks in their courses.

    In addition, guidelines require that students not exceed 10 absent days in a semester course or 20 absent days in a two semester course to receive credit for a completed course. Students will have the opportunity to  have their name in an attendance drawing for the month of March. All students who have perfect attendance for the month of March will be entered in the drawing for a chance to win a cash prize.

    Drawings for Superior March Attendance will be held on April 9. February winners will be notified this Friday, March 6.


School Lunch Menu

 Lunch menus for schools in the Water Valley School District for the week of March 30-April 3 will be as follows:

Davidson Elementary

  Monday: BBQ Chicken Sandwich or Tuna Salad; French Fries or Green Peas; Assorted Fruit Juice; Milk Variety; Chocolate Chip Cookie;

  Tuesday: Pizza or Chef Salad; Green Beans or Whole Kernel Corn; Applesauce; Milk Variety;

  Wednesday: Taco Salad or Chef Salad; French Fries or Whole Kernel Corn; Chilled Peaches; Milk Variety;

  Thursday: Hot Dog or Chef Salad; Baked Beans or Whole Kernel Corn; Assorted Fruit Juice; Milk Variety;

  Friday: BBQ Rib Patty or Chef Salad; French Fries or Green Beans; Chilled Peaches; Milk Variety; Vanilla Pudding.

High School

  Monday: Chicken Patty, Spicy Chicken Patty, Chef Salad, Choose One; Green Beans or Whole Kernel Corn; Chilled Peaches or Applesauce; Milk Variety; Oatmeal Raisin Cookie;

  Tuesday: BBQ Rib Patty, Hamburger, Chef Salad, Choose One; French Fries, Corn on Cob, Pinto Beans, Choose One; Pineapple Tidbits or Mixed Fruit; Milk Variety; Gelatin w/Topping;

  Wednesday: Lasagna, Cheesy Chicken over Rice, Chef Salad, Choose One; Green Beans, Whole Kernel Corn, Blackeyed Peas, Choose One; Chilled Peaches or Rosey Applesauce; Milk Variety; Yeast Roll; Chocolate Pudding;

  Thursday: Red Beans ‘n Rice w/Sausage, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Chef Salad, Choose One; Green Beans, Mexicali Corn, Pinto Beans, Choose one; Chilled Pears or Chilled Peaches; Milk Variety; MS Cornbread; Applesauce Cake;

  Friday: Chicken Fajitas, Fish Patty w/Cheese, Chef Salad, Choose One; French Fries or Corn on Cob; Assorted Fruit Juice; Milk Variety; Chocolate Chip Cookie.


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