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Yalobusha Historical Society Minutes – July 21, 2011

Historical Society Will Have October Fundraiser To Cover Rising Utilities

Scott Fernandez Is Speaker At August 18 Meeting

    The Yalobusha County Historical Society held its regular meeting July 21, in Coffeeville.  There were 29 members and guests present.  
    The opening prayer was spoken by Carl Vick, followed by a welcome from President Mike Worsham.  He reported that Betty Miller was in the hospital in Grenada and concern for improvement was ex-pressed.
    Worsham also stated that due to the rise of the cost of utilities the Yalobusha County Historical Society would have a fundraiser, the “General Store” at the October 1, Coffeeville Cele-bration.  
    Julia Fernandez reported that a committee had been formed to organize a “General Store” in the parking lot on October 1, 2011.  Members were requested to donate new, not so new, and collectible items to sell at the General Store at the August and September meetings of the YCHS.  Julia announced that chances will be sold on a quilt, a baby blanket, a hoop of cheese, and other donated items.  
    The speaker, Sherry Worsham, gave a review of a place called New Hope.  
    Sherry’s great, great, great grandparents, Ishan Weath-ersby Thomas and Mary Angelina Gattis Thomas, donated the land on which New Hope Presbyterian Church is built.  New Hope is in Tallahatchie County but Isham and Mary Angeline met at the school in Oakland and many other family members have a connection to Yalobusha County.
    The membership of New Hope has worked to collect and preserve the history of their church cemetery and picnic area.  Many pictures, artifacts, objects, and personal accounts from 1870 until the present day have been organized.  These items are on display at New Hope and were shared at this month’s meeting.
    Descriptions of life during the late 1800s in this rural community were also shared.  In addition, pictures and board meeting minutes of New Hope School were reviewed.  Many are surprised to learn that a small, one-room school house existed at New Hope from 1870 until the 1920’s.
    Driven by a love of family and a deep respect for her mother’s family, Sherry has enjoyed collecting the information about the history of a place called New Hope.
    There were many interesting aspects that Sherry covered about New Hope Presbyterian Church and New Hope School.  Thank you, Sherry, for sharing with us, and we do hope you come again.
    The speaker for the August 18, meeting will be Scott Fernandez.  His topic will be Gettysburg.
    Those attending:  Carl and Mae Vick, Tom Moorman, Alma Moorman, Frances Stewart, Bill Hamilton, Helen Jones, Francine and Jimmie Pinnix, Thelma Roberts, Julia Fernandez, James Simpson, Polly Simpson, Dot Criss, Opal Wright, J. L. and Margie Crawford, Margaret Jean Ross, Sarah H. Williams, Kay McCulley, Sid Bondurant, M.D., Debby Hughes, Pat Brooks, Sherry Worsham, Joy Herron, Cliff Chandler, Faye M. Mitchell, Mike Worsham, Joy M. Tippit.

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