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Holiday Tips Help Prevent Crime

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – A few simple precautions can help cut down on break-ins in Yalobusha County during the upcoming holiday season.
Sheriff Lance Humphreys said that burglaries increase during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day when homeowners are away visiting friends and families and criminals are looking for items to sell to cover their own holiday expenses.
Humphreys recommends keeping doors locked, shrubs trimmed from around windows and exterior lights burning. “Get a timer for an interior light so that it comes on at dark and goes off around bed time to make it look like you’re at home.”
The sheriff also said not to let mail build up in your mailbox or newspapers collect on your lawn. “Get a neighbor or friend to pick them up.”
The sheriff’s department will also perform a daily security check of your home if you are going to be away during the holidays. “All you have to do is come by the jail or the sheriff’s office and fill out a form for the security check,” Humphreys added.
Both the Sheriff and Water Valley Police Chief Mike King strongly urge citizens to call authorities if they see suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.
“Don’t wait until it is too late,” said King. “Go ahead and call and let us check it out. Better to be safe than sorry.”
The police chief also recommends keeping a record of serial numbers from guns, electronics and other high-value items.
Anyone with information about a burglary or other crime can call the sheriff’s department, police or Crime Stoppers at 1-866-933-TIPS or 473-4935. Tips can also be sent by email to:

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