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School Entrance May Be Blocked After Hours

A new walkway between the buildings at Davidson Elementary School was completed this summer. – Photo by Jack Gurner

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – School officials are considering blocking off the entrances to Davidson Elementary School after school hours to avoid damage to the covered walkway and for additional school security.
Earlier this year a tractor-trailer truck hit the walkway structure while using the parking lot to go between North Court Street and Daniels Drive.
The issue was raised during the Aug. 18 school board meeting when trustees discussed the need for signs to advise traffic of the low clearance. Trustee Taylor Trusty suggested putting up a “no thru traffic” sign, but other trustees questioned if that could be done since it was a city street.
“We own it,” said District Business Manager Randy Goodwin.
“I thought it was a city street,” Trustee Pierce Epes said.
“We all thought it was,” said Trusty, referring to information provided by city officials.
“We found where they deeded it to us,” Goodwin said.
“So now we can gate it if we want to,” added Trustee Casey Washington.
The short section of what was Goode Street was sold to the school district for $1 in 1984 when the K-4 building was added.
Epes suggested that height and low clearance signs should be added anyway, “just in case.”
Traffic cones are used to keep traffic from running under the walkway when children are present.

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