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Alderman Seeks Input On Litter Problem In Town

Alderman Bobby Cox wants the city to be litter free and is personally involved in pickup up trash. He was seen this (Wednesday) morning on foot collecting garbage in town. Below Mayor Hart with the three bags Cox displayed for board members.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Alderman Bobby Cox wants his fellow city officials to put on their “thinking caps” and develop ideas to combat Water Valley’s litter problem.
Cox spoke at the end of the Sept. 2 meeting of the mayor and board commenting that he had heard nothing but good things following this year’s Watermelon Carnival. “The city looked better than it has ever looked,” he said. “The city workers and the citizens of Water Valley did a super job.”
“Now I want to talk about something that I am not proud of…litter,” he continued. “We’ve got litter from one end of the city limits to the other end.”
Cox explained that he had been picking up litter in City Park, the Crawford Sports Complex, Railroad Park and other places around town since Aug. 23 and displayed three full bags outside the door to city hall.
He noted that two garden clubs had been helping tremendously but, “I think there are just too few of us trying to help.”
“I am asking the board to put our thinking caps on and see if we can come up with some things that would help the city with our litter situation,” Cox said, and added that the problem is not just in Water Valley.
Cox also said that he had three residents ask if the city could help with problems in their neighborhoods. “Aban-doned houses…property that is just not cleaned up…old cars, refrigerators, stoves in the yards.”
The alderman said that one of the problems is that much of the derelict property is not owned by Water Vallians. “They live somewhere else. Sometimes getting in touch with them and getting them to do anything about the property is a real chore.”
Cox asked if some ideas could be presented at the next board meeting. “I just hope we can do more.”
Among other actions at the Sept. 2 meeting, aldermen:
• Heard from Aldermen Larry Bell who commented on the signal light at the Main and Central intersection. Bell said that he had heard from a citizen who told him to tell the board, “Don’t mess with the blinking light.”
Bell quoted the caller as saying that if needed, they would get a petition to leave it as is.
• Held a required public hearing for the 2014-2015 city budget that lasted about 25 seconds. No members of the public were present. Mayor Larry Hart said that aldermen would gather at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, to approve the budget. (That meeting was held and the budged accepted.)
• Heard the Main Street Association report from Director Mickey Howley, who told the board that the national director, Patrice Frey, Director and CEO of the National Main Street Center, would visit on Sept. 18. He said that she was coming to Mississippi and would only visit a couple of cities and Water Valley was one of those picked.
Howley continued that the Water Valley Arts Council was putting the final touches on the 6th Annual Art Crawl set for Sept. 20. The event, he said, draws visitors from as far away as Jackson and Memphis.
The Main Street Association homecoming pep rally will be Thursday, Sept. 25, at the pavilion in Railroad Park, according to Howley.
• Paid invoices from the board’s law firm, Crow Martin, LLC, in the amount of $7,632.35.

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