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Company Will Test For Oil And Gas On Federal Land

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – Supervisors agreed to allow an oil exploration company to run a cable across three county roads in Yalobusha as part of a seismic test for oil and gas after an agreement is signed between the parties.
    Speaking at a mid-September meeting, Mike Bunnell said his company, Kingfisher Explorations and SEPCO (Southwestern Energy Production Com-pany)  would run a small cable across County Roads 73, County Road 156 and County Road 55 as part of an oil exploration test in Grenada, Montgomery and Yalobusha counties.
    Bunnell said the cables will have sensors every 150 feet to measure seismic activity when dynamite charges are ignited. He also explained that the dynamite charges will be 150 feet deep and well away from the county roads, gas lines and water lines. The testing in Yalobusha County will be conducted primarily on federally owned property in the Holly Springs National Forrest and the U.S. Corps of Engineers.
    Board attorney John Crow advised supervisors enter an agreement with Bunnell’s company spelling out the details before work begins.
    “Here’s what we need… an agreement between Kingfisher and SEPCO, and the county – saying what you are going to do. And that you will indemnify the county for any loss we might sustain as a result of your operation,” Crow advised.
    Bunnell said he would provide an agreement for Crow to review prior to the October 6 meeting.
    District 5 Supervisor Frank “Bubba” Tillman had one question, would the cables interfere with grass cutting as his crew prepares for the last round of mowing before the frost. All three roads are in Tillman’s district.        
    Bunnell also said the cables will only be out for a couple of weeks and probably would not be put out until December, well after grass-cutting season.

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