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Media Attention Fades, But Search For Killer(s) Continues

Sheriff Dennis Darby

By Rupert Howell
The Panolian

COURTLAND – Just because the news media has gone away, don’t think investigators aren’t still diligently working on finding the murderer(s) of Jessica Chambers Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby reported last week.
    Darby said he has seen long, tedious investigations like this before and said he is sure that the culprit(s) will eventually be apprehended.
    Chambers was brutally stricken the night of December 6 when she was hit in the head and set on fire inside her car on a lonely stretch of Herron Road west of Courtland. She was still alive when emergency responders arrived but died a short while later after being transported by helicopter to Memphis with burns reportedly over 98 percent of her body.
    Darby said that while local suspects were being meticulously ruled out, investigators were not ignoring out-of-state suspects.
    “Maybe . . . (they, he or she) are from somewhere else, but (if so) more than likely they were associated with someone around here,” Darby said.
    “Look, bad guys have enemies, too,” the sheriff noted, having commented earlier that street talk works every time.
    But following this particular crime there has been little or no street talk, according to law enforcement officials. Investigators from local, state and federal agencies are putting together phone records that place people in certain places at certain times, according to Darby, who noted that some cell phone company records were better than others and some of the information was located in different jurisdictions, making it more important that federal agencies were involved.
    Darby said other evidence being processed by different agencies such as DNA continues to be analyzed with information being used to eliminate possible suspects.

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