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Grand Jury Indictments Include Count Of Introducing Contraband Into Jail

JACKSON — A Yalobusha County resident has been arrested for insurance fraud,  Attorney General  Jim Hood reported last week.

            Jennifer Gail Franklin, 30, of Coffeeville, was arrested by the Yalobusha Sheriff’s Office following indictment by a Yalobusha County Grand Jury on one count each of insurance fraud and wire fraud.  

            Franklin is accused of intending to gain for herself a benefit to which she was not due by allegedly scheming  to defraud ACCC Insurance Company by falsely claiming that damages to her car had occurred on October 3, 2014, when in fact they had occurred on May 21, 2014 and had already been compensated.

            If convicted, she faces up to three years behind bars for the insurance fraud charge and up to five years for the wire fraud charge. The case is being investigated by Jerry Spell and will be prosecuted by Special Assistant Attorney General Larry Baker of the Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud Unit.

            As with all cases, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

 Grand Jury Indictments Include Count Of Introducing Contraband Into Jail

            Grand juries in both of the county’s judicial districts met earlier this month.

            In the First Judicial District 10 people were indicted on a total of 16 counts. The list includes:

            • 1 count of insurance fraud (see story above);

            • 2 counts of conspiracy

            • 1 count of possession of cocaine;

            • 1 count of burglary of a vehicle;

            • 1 count of felony malicious mischief;

            • 5 counts of bad checks;

            • 1 count of wire fraud;

            • 1 count of robbery; and

            • 1 count of sexual battery.

            In the Second Judicial District the grand jury issued indictments on 37 counts including:

            • 1 count of introduction of contraband into a correction facility;

            • 4 counts of fondling;

            • 1 count of sexual battery of a mentally defective person;

            • 1 count of deliberate design of murder;

            • 1 count of convicted felon in possession of a firearm;

            • 1 count of a convicted felon in possession of a weapon;

            • Two counts of threatening a state witness;

            • 1 count of taking away a motor vehicle;

            • 1 count of felony DUI;

            • 6 counts of credit card fraud;

            • 1 count of felony fleeing;

            • 5 counts of sexual battery;

            • 1 count of aggravated assault;

            • 2 counts of aggravated domestic assault;

            • 2 counts of burglary of a dwelling;

            • 1 count of grand larceny

            • 1 count of uttering forgery;

            • 1 count of domestic violence, third offense;

            • 2 counts of conspiracy to fondling;

            • 2 counts of conspiracy to sexual battery;

            The indictments are sealed until served, and law enforcement officials are continuing to deliver each indictment. The Herald will publish the names of all the defendants when available.

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