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23 Indictments From Grand Jury Have Been Served

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A former sheriff’s department employee is among almost two dozen people who were indicted last month during grand jury sessions in Water Valley and Coffeeville.

            The Herald previously reported the list of indictments without names. Now 23 have been served, which means the indictments are unsealed and public record.

            Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported Samantha L. Anderson, 31, was charged with one count for the introduction of contraband into a correction facility. That facility was the Yalobusha County jail and the contraband was marijuana, according to Humphreys.

            The indictment shows the offense  occurred on Sept. 17, 2014, when Anderson allegedly brought marijuana into the facility.

            Humphreys told the Herald the matter was turned over to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) when he received a tip about the incident.

            “It would be unethical for us to investigate a criminal matter involving a department employee. When I received information about a possible crime at the jail, I immediately contacted an outside agency.”

            “Our department assisted MBN, but it was their case and they presented it to the grand jury,” Humphreys added.

            Anderson’s husband, Brent Anderson also resigned from his term as Constable last December after the couple moved to Texas.

            The other defendants who have been served include:

            • Wilson Hervey was indicted for murder in the October shooting in Water Valley. Hervey had been arrested last November, almost a month after he allegedly shot and killed Keith Murray, Jr., and remains incarcerated in the Yalobusha County Jail. The homicide occurred on Charlie Harris Street, outside Murray’s girlfriend’s apartment in the Water Valley Housing Authority. It was the only homicide recorded in Yalobusha County in 2014.

            • Yolanda Hawkins (two counts), convicted felon in possession of a weapon and threatening state witness;

            • Joseph Brian Patton and April Lynn Patton (both five counts) conspiracy to fondling, fondling, sexual battery, conspiracy to sexual battery and sexual battery;

            • Zachery Bright (one count), sexual battery;

            • Darrell Kyle Dean (one count), uttering forgery;

            • Jeffery Scott Morris Jr. (of Batesville), aggravated assault;

            • Edwin Pettis (one count), possession of cocaine;

            • Latonia R. Shaw (one count), aggravated assault;

            • Danza Powell (one count), burglary of a vehicle;

            • Vernon Demtric Rogers (one count), felony DUI;

            • William Tyrone Bobo (two counts) burglary of a dwelling and grand larceny;

            • Jennifer Gail Franklin (two counts) insurance fraud, wire fraud;

            • Luster Pomlee (one count) taking away of motor vehicle, habitual offender;

            • Donell Cooper (one count), aggravated domestic violence;

            • Terry Elizabeth Reeder (one count) uttering forgery;

            • Jeffery Bounds (one count) aggravated domestic violence;

            • Carl Pritchard (one count), domestic violence, third offense;

            • Dewayne Shields, Jr. (one count), sexual battery of mentally defective person;

            • Patricia Moody (one count), felony malicious mischief;

            • Allen Charles McKinney (two counts), robbery and sexual battery;

            • Daryl Kuykendall (two counts), sale of cocaine;

            • Lenita Faith Henderson (six counts), credit card fraud.

            As with all cases, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

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