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Second Chance Animal Alliance – Get Involved And Make A Difference




            Water Valley has experienced a lot of change for the better over the last few years; however, one of the remaining gaps in our town and county has been the lack of a system or mechanism for proper care of our local homeless, lost, neglected, and abused animals.  Second Chance Animal Alliance (SCAA), a donor-supported, grassroots organization founded here in Water Valley, realized this need last November, and since then has been working tirelessly and around the clock to help house, feed, care for, and place in homes the dogs picked up by Water Valley’s animal control.

            Prior to SCAA coming on the scene, dogs picked up by animal control were held for five days at the city pound with minimal provisions and then euthanized.  Additionally, there was no mechanism to show photographs of the animals in order to either find the owner or a new home.  

            As Water Valley moves forward, grows, and evolves, we at SCAA want to engage the community and our fellow townspeople and provide folks with a way to directly contribute and help solve this long-standing and now very exposed problem. 

            SCAA’s short term objective is clear – provide care, foster arrangements, and ultimately permanent placement for every animal picked up by Water Valley’s animal control. SCAA provides food, shelter, veterinary care, spay/neutering, and the costs associated with placing the dogs.  

            If you’ve ever felt frustrated or helpless in seeing a badly neglected, abused, or lost animal in our community but didn’t know what to do, now there’s a way to help. Volunteer, donate, foster, adopt. SCAA relies solely on donations and community involvement so your support is critical.

            We accept monetary gifts as well as supplies. Donation items include Pedigree dog food, dog treats, paper towels, Clorox bleach, Mr. Clean liquid, metal food and water bowls (large), and old towels and blankets. You may take your donations to the Herald Office, The B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery or Renasant Bank (monetary gifts only at this location).  All donations are tax deductible. This past week the North Mississippi Herald received $800 in donations from Sara Nell Champion, David and Patricia Hollman and Hal Vaughn.

            We currently have five puppies, from 10 weeks to eight months old, and three adult dogs for whom we are trying to find permanent, loving homes. See photos for a preview.  Please call us at 662-607-2813 to find out about adopting.  To inquire about volunteering or fostering, please call 662-714-0147.

            For more information about SCAA or to find other ways you can support, please visit our website at or check us out on Facebook at   

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