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Nine Candidates Compete For The District 2 Slot

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY –  The election to replace longtime District 2 Supervisor Amos Sims has attracted the most candidates of any race in the county with nine qualifers. The list includes two Republican candidates, John Forsyth and Luther Coleman, who will battle for the Republican nomination in August. Seven candidates will compete for the Democratic nomination, also in August, Luther G. Folson, Sr., Mark A. Gooch, Larry Joe Gray, Kenneth E. Rogers, Jason C. Sharp, Fred E. White and Richard “Rickey” Wood. The winners of the primaries will compete on the November ballot to fill the position.

            “I guess there were a lot of people out there who were waiting for me to get out of the way,” District Two Amos Sims joked about the race.

            While Sims did not comment on the candidates, he shared his opinion on a possible election in November to allow voters to determine whether they want to continue operating under the beat system or change to a unit system of government.

            A petition is currently being circulated and would require almost 1,500 signatures from registered voters in the county before landing on the ballot.

            I say, if the people have been informed about the pros and cons, they will weight that out. They will make an educated, informed judgment on it,” Sims told the Herald.

            But he cautioned that you cannot judge one county by what another county does, referring to how each system of government works in counties across the state.

            As for his vote on the issue if it appears on the ballot, Sims reports he has not made up his mind. “But, I think it has worked well, the way it has been,” Sims added.


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