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Conservation District Offers Beaver Bounty

COFFEEVILLE – The Yalobusha County Soil & Water Conservation District has launched a new project to assist landowners in Yalobusha County to help control beavers.

The district will pay a $15 bounty per beaver tail with a limit of 20 per landowner to help reduce the population. The goal is to curtail their destructive activities that result in flooding and killing valuable timber and orchards, flooding roads, blocking culverts, bank deterioration and collapse, destruction of croplands, and even moving the riparian management zone of designated timberlands further back resulting in even greater loss of timber.

The district will accept applications in March at the Natural Resources Conservation Service office located on Front Street in Coffeeville. Applicants must have a farm number with FSA. Landowners will be responsible for obtaining and paying the trapper. The landowners will have to sign an affidavit stating the beavers came off their property.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land is excluded.

For more information contact the Yalobusha County Soil & Water District at 675-8000 ext. 3. 

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