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Aldermen Appoint City Election Commissioner

WATER VALLEY – Aldermen approved the recommendation of City Clerk Vivian Snider to appoint John Hairston as one of the city’s three election commissioners. Hairston will replace John Herod, who passed away.  Snider’s recommendation came during the April 3 city board meeting

“He has been certified, he is already prepared to be a commissioner for the general election,” Snider explained during the April 3 city board meeting. She also said Hairston will serve as election commissioner alongside Bonnie Cox and Jerry Hill.

Other business conducted during the brief meeting included:

• Approved a recommendation from the Water Valley Housing Authority to appoint Tonya Logan as a housing authority commissioner for a five-year term starting next month.

Logan is currently serving as an interim board member, replacing Doris Cox, who resigned due to health reason.

• Heard the monthly report from Water Valley Main Street Manager Mickey Howley.

• Approved $5027.78 in quarterly write-offs for city electric department. The write-offs are part of the city’s accounting system, but collection efforts continue on the delinquent accounts. 

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