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Lake Cleanup Receive Award At ‘Keep Mississippi Beautiful’ Luncheon

Enid Lake’s life jacket loaner boards can be found at Hickory Ridge and Persimmon Hill’s designated swimming beaches. Visitors are reminded to please return life jackets after use. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST.

On Thursday, April 6,  Natural Resources Specialist, Kyle Tedford and Enid Lake volunteer Rob Harlow attended the Keep Mississippi Beautiful Awards Luncheon in Jackson. Harlow and Tedford accepted an award from “Keep Mississippi Beautiful” for second place in the Federal Government category for an outstanding job performed on February 25, at Enid Lake’s Clean Up Day.  

During the event over 200 volunteers came out and targeted major areas around the lake to be cleaned. A total of 45 compacted cubic yards of trash and 30 tires were collected to help restore and maintain the beauty of Enid Lake. 

The Enid Lake Volunteers for Waste Management and the Enid Lake Corps of Engineers would like to thank all the volunteers, surrounding community merchants, garden clubs, and businesses for the contributions and sacrifices they made to make this event such a huge success. 

Swim Beaches Closed to Further Notice

Enid Lake’s designated swimming areas are unusable due to current lake level, and will remain closed until further notice except for Hickory Ridge Beach. Designated swimming beaches include: Hickory Ridge, Persimmon Hill, Plum Point, Chickasaw Hill, and Long Branch.

Enid Lake maintains five designated swimming beaches. Visitors to these beaches are required to pay a user fee or have an annual pass affixed to their vehicle.  The fee for using one of these designated beaches is $5 per non-commercial vehicle per day or $2 per person per day, $20 per bus or commercial vehicle per day, and children under the age of 16 are admitted free.  

When visiting these beaches the U.S. Corps of Engineers urge everyone to practice water safety.  Each of these beaches is marked with orange buoys and everyone is required to stay within this designated area.  

There is also a “Rescue Device Station” on each beach, which has a throw bag, a reach pole and instructions on proper use.  These devices are to be used only for emergencies or for water safety demonstrations by rangers.  

If anyone would like to practice with one of these devices, request the assistance of a ranger.  The white depth marker poles located on the beaches are intended to give swimmers the approximate depth of the water in feet. The staff at Enid Lake continues the life jacket loaner program at Hickory Ridge and Persimmon Hill beaches.  

This program consists of Life Jacket Loaner Boards with various size life jackets placed on them for public use. Visitors may borrow the correct size life jacket while swimming at the above mentioned designated beaches, but are reminded to return the life jackets after use.  

Day Use Fee and Passport Programs

Annual Passes: $40

Beach Fee: $5 per private non-commercial vehicle or $2 per person, $20 per bus or commercial vehicle. Children under the age of 16 are admitted free

 Boat Launching Fee: $5.

America the Beautiful Interagency Passes including: Interagency Annual Pass – $80., Annual Military Pass – Free, Senior Pass – $10, Access Pass – Free, Volunteer Pass – Free, and Every Kid in a Park (EKIP) Pass – Free are now available at Enid Lake. Please contact the Enid Lake Field Office regarding the America the Beautiful Passport program. 

For more information on Enid Lake Special Events, Water Safety or Recreational Opportunities please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571 or visit us at our website at

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