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City Police Report

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – The case of the missing Blue Devil sculpture that was removed from Main Street last week has been resolved. 

The wood sculpture was placed in the Pocket Park before last year’s Art Crawl in October. It was removed Wednesday morning by city workers and taken to the police department. A police report was filled out on the incident after Bill Beckwith contacted the police department and reported the sculpture had been stolen from Main Street. In the report, Beckwith indicated he was contacting police on behalf of John Davis, the owner of the sculpture. 

Police Chief Mike King reported the incident is a civil matter.

“It appears that the removal of the statue was a miscommunication between parties,” King said. “The matter has since been resolved.” The chief also said that Davis authorized the sculpture to be released to a local business.

In other law enforcement activity during the last week:

• Police are investigating a suspected breaking and entering of a dwelling on Fly Street. The victim reported on May 21 that he was asleep on the couch around 2:30 in the morning when there was a knock at the door.  When he answered the door, there were two men dressed in black wearing ski masks demanding money.

The victim told the men that he didn’t have any money and instead offered two televisions in the house. Reported stolen was a 49-inch Hibachi and a 21-inch television. The men were unarmed, according to victim.

Interestingly the police report stated that the smaller television was taken from a bedroom that was secured with a padlock on the outside of the door. The victim stated the pair picked the lock with a knife and entered the room. Another person in the house was sleeping and told authorities that he did not see or hear anything.

• Police made one felony arrest in connection with the May 18 law enforcement saturation (see related story). Denicholas Cook, 31, was arrested at 10:32 p.m. after he allegedly attempted to avoid a vehicle check point manned by Lt. A.J. Hernandez, Derrick Yancy and Stantavias Ivy, both Water Valley officers, and a Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics officer. Cook was charged with failure to obey a traffic officer, possession of a weapon by a felon, careless driving and no proof of insurance. Water Valley police also made misdemeanor arrests during the multi-agency saturation that culminated with 15 arrests.

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