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Libraries Are Important To Communities

Josephine Torrance used the computer in the Coffeeville library to earn an on-line degree.

By Patty Bailey

Herald Contributor

Have you ever thought about getting a college degree online?  That’s exactly what Coffeeville Public Library user Josephine Torrance did using library resources and public computers in the library.  Josephine has been a regular computer user at Coffeeville for many years.  Last November, she completed coursework and received a BS in Early Childhood Education from Ashworth College, the most recent in several degrees she attained using the library.  Congratulations to Josephine for her outstanding educational achievements using her public library!

When we asked Josephine what the library means to her, she wrote:  “The library offers a wide range of learning tools.  It helped me by being able to use books for research and the computers to do my homework.  Using the library, I earned my CDA, an Associate and Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and also a degree in Business Administration.   I encourage people to use the library when they don’t have access to a computer or books needed to do homework or school projects.  The library is an awesome place to study or read…”

Coffeeville and Oakland Public Libraries offer free computers for public use.  This is a valuable and important service in our small, rural communities where many people cannot afford to own a computer or pay for Internet access.  Literally thousands of people each year use library computers to take online courses like Josephine, search for jobs, apply for jobs, complete school projects, and a host of other applications.  

Over the next few months, we hope to introduce readers to library patrons of the Yalobusha County Public Library System who feel that the library has made a positive impact on their lives.   The ways your local public library may impact or improve your life are varied – it might be through access to library materials or services, attending library programs, interaction with library staff, or experiencing the library as a community hub.  

If you would like to be included in this series, please contact the Yalobusha County Library System at or call 662-675-8822 and leave a message.

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