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New Flag Is Flying Over City Park

By Betty Baker Thomas

Publicity Chair for

The Garden  Club of WV

  Patsy Stewart, president of The Garden Club of Water Valley, purchased a  new flag for City Park. Patsy is a dedicated, retired soldier. She knew the old flag had a rip, so due to the honor of the flag, it must come down. There is so much to know about the flag and we do not think about the different rules we are to follow in honoring and retiring them.

  Joining us  at the park was Yvonne Jones, who lives across the street at 1103 North Main.

She came over to tell us she had missed the flag and was proud we were there replacing it. Yvonne explained to us that she would sit in the swing and watch the flag wave. That is a comfort to know she loves the flag.

  Everyone is reminded not forget the home decorations the Garden Club of Water Valley is offering for the Watermelon Carnival time. We want our town decorated for all who will travel in on those appointed days. Send in the application that was in last week’s paper. Let’s all get busy.

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