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Rich Denley History Shared At YHS Meeting

Lee Denley Faust traced her family’s roots, starting in 1279 and continuing until the late 1800s in Yalobusha County.

By Joy M. Tippit

Herald Contributor

COFFEEVILLE  – Lee Denley Faust shared her Denley Family research entitled The Denley Chapter with the Yalobusha Historical Society May 18, 2017.

Lee’s research includes:

The Denley name means ‘a clearing in the valley’.

Denleys lived throughout England but primarily found in Oxfordshire, Gloucester-shire, and Kent counties.

The earliest reference is found in property records for Thomas de Denley in year 1279 in Oxfordshire.

A relative, John Denley, was martyred in 1555.

Lee is descended from James Denley 1st.  He was born in England in 1654 and died in 1724.

James II was born in England in 1689 and died in England in 1742.

James Sr. died in South Carolina in 1757.

James Jr. died in the Mississippi Territory in 1808.

In 1880 Nicholas Perkins Denley was living with his son David in Yalobusha County.

The Coffeeville Courier recorded that on August 10, 1888 Nicholas Denley, one of the oldest citizens of this vicinity, a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, and one of the Mexican War, died yesterday at his home nine miles from Coffeeville.  He is survived by more than 100 descendants, all of whom reside within six miles of the old Denley homestead.  (Note:  The above Nicholas Denley was the great grandfather of the late G.E. Denley, Editor of the Courier.)

A copy of Lee Faust Denley’s book, “The Denley Chapter” is in the Yalobusha County Historical Society’s Library.

Lee Denley Faust lives in Virginia, but she visits Gwen Rotenberry Graham, her former neighbor in Oakland once a year to refresh her Denley Roots. 

Lee, please visit us again when you visit Gwen.

Attending:  Dave Hovey, Emma Hovey, Carl H. Vick, Joyce Courtney, Sandra Rains, Sandra Koonce, Rick Koonce, Lee Denley Faust, Lawrence Litten, Betti Litten, Gwen Rotenberry Graham, Bobby Hutchins, Bobbie Hutchins, Guy Dale Shaw, Alice Jordan, Buster Jackson, Kathryn French, Kay F. Rodick, Grady White, Joy Tippit, Kay McCulley, Debby Hughes, Pat Brooks, Mike Ayers, Wyomann Reeves, Sarah Reeves, Tammy Beshears, Carl Ray Up-church and James Person.


  1. Linda Robson on August 5, 2019 at 11:37 am


    I am researching my family, who are Denleys. James Denley (1654 – 1724 is my grandfather of 8 generations. He was born in Kempsford, in England. His father was Mathew Denley, who was married to Jane. I believe he was a direct descendent of John Denley, martyred in 1555.I would be interested to find out if and how we might be connected.


    Linda Robson

  2. lily stedman young on January 20, 2022 at 10:37 am

    I am a direct decendent of martha denley who married george s pentecost in the early 1800s. She had a half sister, mary who married jessie thompson. They moved to texas and were with the austin 300 in late 1820s or early 1830s. In my research it looks like james denley was mary and martha’s father. Please contact me regarding the denley family history. Thank you

  3. Hazel Cumberland on May 8, 2023 at 12:12 pm

    My mom was a Denley, Maudie Lee Denley of Tallahatchie Co. Ms. I would love to talk to you and maybe meet some where some how if possible. Please if possible contact me back. I now live in Cabot AR. I am 68 years old. My mom is 89.

    • Harvey york on May 13, 2023 at 10:54 pm

      My grandfather Clifton Berkeley Denley. Came up around cassila if I’m spelling it right. Had a brother name Vernon.Denley. my mother Maudie Denley. Was born in Oakland ms.are these some of the same Denleys

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