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Walton’s Creative Drawings Displayed At Bank

Gary Walton’s fantasy cartoon drawings are on display at Renasant Bank as the latest work in the rotating art show featured in the bank lobby.

Art work by Gary Walton is featured in Renasant Bank as the latest rotating show highlighting local talent. Walton was born in  Savannah, Ga., but has moved around quite a bit as his father was in the military.  He presently lives in Mississippi with his family.

“I became interested in art at a very early age, using whatever medium I could find to draw on paper. What I could do fascinated me; the characters,designs, concepts and the world I could create by just imagining it,” Walton explained.

“Many things inspire me, animation, movies, books and graphic novels. I also enjoy looking at other artists work.”

His fantasy cartoon drawings were originally inspired by other comic artists and reading history and art books.  He created his own original characters and designs in his work.

“I could go into detail about why I made these characters but that would take a few more pages,” Walton added with a chuckle.

Walton describes himself as a self-taught artist, but added he realized he needed more direction and attended Devry Community College in Corpus Christi, Texas. He plans to continue his education once he pays off some of his student loans. 

“I’m also building an online career as well as showing my art at public venues. I’m very happy to have a place the public can view my work other than social media.

Perhaps feedback and more opportunities will come my way.

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