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Supervisor Says He Will Not Seek For Re-election

District Three Supervisor Lee McMinn announced during Monday’s supervisor meeting that he will not seek another term.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – District Three Supervisor Lee McMinn announced he will not seek re-election in 2019 during Monday’s Board of Supervisor meeting. McMinn, who is mid-way through his second term as supervisor, cited his commitment to make hard decisions without worrying about political fallout. 

“Smoking, beer drinking, zoning ordinances, cleaning up – all of these things are making some portion of my constituency unhappy,” McMinn said about recent issues the county board has tackled.  “So I have been kind of kicking this around for awhile, debating on what can I do to make everybody happy, which is not possible. In order for me to make good solid decisions – and I am going to make them anyway – that are for the great good of my district and the county as a whole, I have decided I am not going to seek re-election in two years.”

Speaking after the meeting, McMinn told the Herald that the accomplishments during this four-year term are going to be milestone for the county.

“I work with a good bunch of guys who are forward thinking, together I think we are working to make a positive, long-term impact for our county,” McMinn said.   “Growth is coming here, especially in the northern portions of the county. I believe it is essential to manage this growth to ensure it will have a positive impact for generations to come.”

McMinn also said announcing his decision Monday had another purpose. 

 “I am making it public like this so I don’t change my mind,” he said.

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