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City Board Fields Complaints From Residents On Daniels Drive

Evelyn Turner (standing) asks for help with problems in her neighborhood.

Water Valley residents Mittie Gee and Evelyn Turner cited a myriad of problems in their neighborhood and requested help from the city during the monthly board meeting held July 5.

Gee was first to address the board, asking for limbs to be cut from a tree that is near her electric wire on Daniels Drive. She also said residents in her area have poor water pressure and drainage issues that creates problems with sewage.

“When we flush our commodes, it needs to go on out of the house,” Gee explained. “I need some help, we need some help, our community needs some help,” she told city officials. 

She also said she had called a local plumber who has worked on her system several times and was expensive.

“We will be attentive to that,” Mayor Larry Hart responded about the concerns.

Turner told city officials she lives in the same neighborhood and can attest to the problems cited by Gee. 

“What she is saying is true. We do have poor water pressure in that neighborhood,” Turner explained.

Other concerns shared by Turner for the Daniels Drive neighborhood including problems with a concrete curb deteriorating, causing drainage problems when it rains including water overflowing in her yard. 

Turner also cited drainage problems with a ditch on the corner of Daniels Drive and Buena Vista.

“Trees are growing up out of that drain ditch and it prevents water flowing through the ditch like it is supposed to,” Turner explained.

Turner also requested limbing to be done on trees located near power lines on Daniels Drive.

Next Turner listed a problem at Martin Street on city property where the city has been hauling dirt from the property.

“All that dirt and debris is washing off that hill and down into the main road. It is clogging up the drain ditch and has also clogged up the culvert,” Turner explained. 


“I think most of it we can deal with,” Hart told Turner..

Turner’s next question, directed to Ward Two Alderman Fred White and Hart, was the amount of money allocated in the city budget for Ward Two.

“The budget is not by ward, it is by department,” Hart answered.

“Do we have anything in the budget for the repairs?” Turner asked.

“Yes, we do. It is not enough money to redo the entire Ward Two, but we do our best to divvy it out,” Hart explained.

Turner’s next complaint was grass cutting in the neighborhood.

“They don’t come on that side of town to cut,” Turner said.

“They just cut Martin Street today,” Hart answered, explaining the grass cutters make a loop as grass is cut on each street.

Turner’s final comment was about her sister, who has sewage problems in her yard.

“She has called the city to assist her with some type of service and she never gets help. She lives in the city limits and pays taxes,” Turner explained.

Hart provided a brief description of the difference between private and public property.

“We are not to go on private property and do plumbing or whatever. That is for the homeowner to tend to,” Hart explained, adding that the city’s responsibility is for the lines leading to and going away from the property. 

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