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Carnival Is Just Over A Week Away

Be sure to watch WTVA on Tuesday, August 1, to watch Watermelon Queen Anna Katherine Burress and Water Valley Area of Commerce Executive Secretary Zandra Walk promote the carnival during the noon news hour.

Staff Report

WATER VALLEY – Excitement is building as Water Valley’s signature festival, the Watermelon Carnival is just over a week away. For many carnival goers, the weekend is a homecoming – class reunions, family get-togethers and reminiscing. 

With the help of the Chamber of Commerce, this week’s edition includes stories about the carnival lineup to give everyone plenty of time to mark their schedules for the mixture of tried-and-true activities. 

That’s the beauty of the annual carnival, different events for everybody. For some it’s the local talent that will perform, starting Thursday night with the Music Festival and continuing Friday night and Saturday. For others it is the carnival atmosphere with vendors from across the southeast peddling goods. Through it all, the annual carnival flourishes while keeping the original theme – watermelons. 

There will be a bountiful supply of local farmers peddling melons, free melon slices and melon-themed events throughout the weekend.

Don’t miss next week’s Herald for a more in-depth look at festival with the special section devoted to the event.

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